Monday, 25 February 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Lots of fun stuff

Seven new kickstarters this time, covering fantasy, Sci-Fi and WWII airplanes. Let’s jump right into it.

Sometime I see campaigns and feel like “why don’t I game this period?” This is one of those times, as I really like what I see here.
Sci-Fi desert buildings, what’s not to like? These look gorgeous, and are sure to draw every-ones attention when you have them on your gaming table. Fantastic stuff.
You’ll get everything from really large structures to smaller ones (like the toilet above), walls and furniture.
There’s enough here to get you a sizeable town, and for a very reasonable cost, too.
Check it out before March 8 2019.

There are some very good-looking buildings in this kickstarter that will work well in fantasy and historical setting, both medieval and modern.
For me the ruined crypts would come in handy in the Frostgrave setting I’m building, and the mimic coffin would be great to use in a dungeon.
The figures are of the undead sort, and would do well bashing adventurers in a fantasy setting and they are also made with fantasy football in mind.
Check it out before March 10 2019.

Do you need nice houses, bridges and market stalls? Well, we all do.
Do you need a gigantic turtle with ruins on its shell? Yeah, probably! (I mean, that would instantly raise interest in whatever scenario you’re about to game)
Lots of fun and useful stuff in this kickstarter. It is all over the place, in a good way.
Have a look before March 24 2019.

Do you want a castle of your own, and especially a modular one scaled for your miniatures?
Look no further, as this is just that.
You’ll find walls, towers, stairs, doors, gates, barracks, hoardings, a stable and more here.
Not only that, it’s really affordable, too.
Absolutely worth a look, and preferably before its end-date of March 16 2019.

If you need a Titan, either as a stl-file or as a resin model, then you might find it here.
This kickstarter is for just one anime-style Titan, but there is also an opportunity to pledge to get their previous kickstarters, which are all very good-looking.
Have a look before March 1 2019.

How about a couple of spaceships?
Here’s your chance to get a handful for a very reasonable price.
They do look really nice, and should feel at home in most Sci-Fi games. Why not parked among hte houses of your brand new printed Desert Trading Post?
There is also a very affordable pledge if you’re interested in having a commercial licence to print these and sell them on.
Well worth a look! The campaign ends on April 3 2019.

Fancy some WWII airplanes, more specifically a horde of them? If yes, then you should visit this kickstarter, where you have a chance of getting files for a variety of planes.
1/72 down to 1/300
They seem to work well both in large and small scales and the printed examples look really good.
There are mostly fighters here, but if the campaign would reach the He 111 that would give you one huge plane.
I could really use files for Ju52 transports, but unfortunately no such files here.
Anyway, have a look at this before March 14 2019.

If you would like to see more 3D-printing crowdfunding projects then look here.
Do you want a look at reviews of 3D-printing stuff then check here.

All photos, renders and illustrations © War Scenery, Cross Lances, Brayan Nafarrate, Kieran Billings, Heresy Lab, 3D Rebel Forge and 3D Wargaming  respectively and used with permission.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Gelatious Cube and victims

This Gelationous Cube is a Reaper Bones mini in three parts, two halves of the cube and a pile of victims.
The cube went together no problem and the pile fits well into the space for it, but being transparent you don’t really see anything of it.
So I painted the pile, with the idea that it could do double duty as treasure or dungeon dressing.
Well, to be honest, even if you’ve painted the pile you still can’t see it through the cube. It’s more like a darkish shadow in there. A bit disappointed about that, but now I at least have a pile of corpses and treasure to put somewhere in a dungeon.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

De Havilland DH4a – Pulp Edition

I got myself a 1/48 scale De Havilland DH4a (Passenger) from Roden a while ago. The idea was to use it in my pulp games, as a prop or maybe something to fight for. It was half-finished for quite a while until I got it on the painting table and put it all together.
It’s a nice kit, but a bit fiddly, especially when it’s time to assemble the wings… Getting the top one in place was a bit of a pain. It didn't help that I dropped it when it was nearly done.
I painted it up totally imaginary and put on some random slides from the stash.
Pretty good result and it will look good on the gaming table, I’m sure
As a great little extra there were lots of spare parts, including quite a few bombs and machine guns. These will definitely find use as contraband. Great stuff.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

A varied bunch of pulp minis

Here’s the latest from the painting table, a bunch of pulp minis that took a bit longer than expected to finish.
The figures come from:
Warlord, and their Operation Sealion Enemy Agents pack. It’s a nice additional nun that will be useful, as they are, and the other two will find a place in a game of Pulp Alley, I’m sure.
Artizan Designs and the final figure from their Merchant Sailors pack
RAFM – a gigantic doctor from their Cthulhu range. The size of that head compared to the others... Their RAFM figures are all over the place size-wise, which is really annoying.

Finally two pics of 3D-printed stuff waiting for paint. More on what has happened on the 3D-printing front soon.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – fantasy ruins, dark ages and lots of minis.

Stormguard: 3D printable Terrain for RPG and Wargames
If you don’t have enough ruins for your Frostgrave game-board (and who can have enough, anyway?), then this looks really interesting.
It is, of course, great even if you don’t play Frostgrave, as this stuff can be used in a lot of fantasy and even historical settings.
You’ll get rustic stone buildings, some whole but most ruined, and scatter terrain. Lots of it.
The campaign progresses extremely well and several stretch goals are already unlocked, more are certain to be reached.
This is my favourite this time, so much so that I backed it. I simply don’t have enough ruins for Frostgrave (but, truth to be told, I could probably cover a gaming table with what I have and what I can already print).
Great stuff, and absolutely worth a look. Check it out before it ends on March 8 2019.

Fancy some printable miniatures that actually print well on your ordinary FDM (filament) printer? If you do, then this is a campaign for you.
These minis are all set to print directly. If they need supports, then those are already included. It’s plug and play.
The resulting prints looks really smashing. What’s not to like?
These guys, Fat Dragon Games, also got a really good YouTube channel that I find very informative, with lots of tricks and tips on 3D-printing. Worth a look.
Check it out before February 27 2019.

Jens of 3D-Print-Terrain is here again, this time with a campaign centred around the Dark Ages.
We get Anglo-Saxon and Celtic houses to start with, and from there stretch-goals will fill the campaign.
Already unlocked as I write this are a church and a very nice motte.
Soon to come are some great-looking Viking ships, both a war-like long-ship and also more peaceful trading ships.
Jens’ campaigns usually take off, and as a backer you can suggest what you would like to see as stretch-goals in the campaign. So, you can influence the direction and maybe get just that building you have always wished for.
I've backed a few of his earlier campaigns, and Jens do deliver great stuff.
So, what are you waiting for? Take a good look, maybe pledge, and do it before March 10, 2019.

If giant-kin is your thing, then have a look at this.
Argus, Basajauns, Cormoran, Ferragut and Grendel. Not something to meet in a dark alleyway, but possible to print if you back this kickstarter.
Really nice minis (or should that be maxis, as they are giants?) with some terrain-pieces thrown in.
Check it out before February 21 2019.

More minis, this time mostly suitable for fantasy football.
There’s an assortment of female demonic figures, everything from your typical playing team to support personnel, like cheer-leaders, docs and, well, assassins.
Fun minis that are worth a look, especially if you play fantasy football in any of its many shapes.
This kickstarter runs until March 10 2019.

And now for something completely different.
Einar is working on comics for blind people, and this campaign is in support of that work.
The comics are in 3D and made so that blind people can explore each and every frame.
It sound amazing and something well worth supporting. I'm in.
Do check it out before it ends on February 28 2019.

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All photos, renders and illustrations © M. Chabot, Tom Tullis, 3D-Print-Terrain, William Charles Chamberlin, GamesMiniatures and Einar Petersen respectively and used with permission.