Thursday, 4 July 2019

Wild West Bank from Printable Scenery

The files for this bank come from Printable Scenery and their Wild West range of buildings.
I’ve had it printed and half-painted for quite a while, and finally painted the final details.
The building is in three parts that I printed with a layer height of .2 mm. Total print-time on my Prusa i3 Mk3 was around 36 hours and filament cost around €6.
Now I have to get some suitable furniture.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

7TV – After action report

I’ve dusted off my 7TV rules, at last, and we (me, Koen, Thomas and my son David) had two games at the club the other week.
A nice Tatooine village. All scenery is 3D-printed, except the hills, barriers and, obviously, the lichen. (Thank you, Director Koen, for the pics from the Tatooine studio)
We used the Star Wars unofficial programme guide and had a great time.
The heroic defenders of justice, free enterprise and scrap-heaps.
The game is made to emulate typical B-movies, and you shouldn’t be surprised when scenery (i.e. props) suddenly moves a bit, figures change place or a killed character suddenly is back (due to him/her being a favourite of the audience). Everything is possible and you should take it with a laugh, because that is really what the game is all about.
Boba Fett hiding. He will soon switch place with one of my co-stars due to a script error. That will result in much shooting and, eventually, death.
A carnival! Yay! Except this is a Carnival of Horror!
This week-end I had Laffe over for another game, this time it was the Scooby Doo gang (another unofficial supplement) against a bunch of cultist. We used the carnival scenery I used in a Pulp Alley-game a while back, which made it feel just like an episode of the original series. 
Scooby and Shaggy find a plot point much to their liking.
Where do you find plot points? At the information booth, of course
Killer Clowns doing their thing, but Fred's actor plays the diva-card, so they can't fight him for a crucial round.
Except in this episode the gang was more or less obliterated as the cultist took no prisoners (or at least didn’t keep them longer than it takes to say “human sacrifice”). Shaggy and Scooby survived, as the live audience had enough and axed the cast.
Zoinks! Let's run!
The game, a ‘battle’, was a bit uneven, as most of the Scooby-gang weren’t made for fighting, so we’ll have another go with another scenario, one more suited to their characters.
All in all, we had a blast. A great set of rules that will see much action in the future.

A couple of actors dressed as 3D-printed ewoks come over from another set to have a look at the Tatooine studio.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Middle Earth buildings

I’ve decided to put these crowdfunding watch posts on hold, as they take a lot hobby-time to make, and that is hobby-time not spent at the painting table or gaming. I will probably highlight a campaign here and there that I particularly like, but I won’t cover everything as before. At least for now.
I will still print, paint and review samples, if and when I get some, as I really like doing that and it also puts gaming pieces on the table. 
So, if you are a creator and want to have some coverage you can always mail me at the address found at the bottom of each page, and we'll figure something out.

This is one of those campaigns I want to highlight as I think what you get here is really nice and it’s all from a new creator, and that is always great to see.
Sean present us with some great-looking buildings well suited for gaming in a Lord of the Rings setting as well as Frostgrave and other high-fantasy worlds.
I really like all of these, and my favourite is the Seeing Seat that is just fantastic and would look so good on a gaming table.
Definitely worth a look, but hurry as the campaign closes on June 17 2019.

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All photos, renders and illustrations © Sean Creed and used with permission.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Water, mud, vacuum and Roman dirt

Let’s start deep down this time, under the waves.
(Click on the pics to get larger ones!)
I backed Evan Carothers’ last kickstarter, The Skyless Realms, where I got some truly spectacular models. There he also presented his free DungeonSticks wall-system which I have used in a dungeon-crawling D&D adventure, and expect to use a lot. Great stuff suitable for a multitude of settings. Well worth a look!
This time he moves from underground to underwater, moving up through the water-column from deep dark Atlantean ruins on the seafloor to boats and ships plying the waves. There’s lots of stuff and it all looks great.
In this campaign you can either pledge for terrain, figures or both.
My favourites are the Atlantean ruins and the boats from the terrain-pledge and the sharks from the figure-pledge.The water-line sharks in particular would be so useful.
Do check this out before it ends on June 12 2019.

Let’s swim in towards land, and specifically land of the squishy kind.
In this kickstarter you’ll get enough to build your own swamp in miniature and populate it with evil-looking denizens and damp buildings.
The swamp-tiles are DragonBite compatible and looks varied enough to give you a great-looking swamp-board. Add the scatter terrain to that and it will be even better.
The figures range from toad- and fish-like humanoids to crocs to a kraken.
Everything looks really useful and my favourite terrain-pieces are the tree-house and scatter-docks, while the crocs are my favourite figures. The croc waterline models looks really great.
Have a look before the campaign ends on June 13 2019.

Let’s move from squishy mud to hard sci-fi.
Here you’re presented with loads of OpenLOCK-compatible sci-fi tiles suitable for sci-fi adv. They do look the part, and should give you lots of alternatives when you want to build your own space-station, especially if you pledge for a few extra additional sets and add-ons.
There are some free samples at Kraken Studio’s webpage if you would like to test-print before jumping in.
Fantastic stuff, and my favourites are… well, everything, as that is what I would need to built that space-station…
Check it out before July 12 2019.

We go back in time and move from sci-fi to historical with this Roman fort or camp.
The modular fort is made for 6 to 15mm gaming, and comprises ramparts, gates and towers.
If you need a roman fort in said scales, this is bound to be just what you’re looking for as it gives you so many pieces that you should be able to build whatever you fancy.
Wrong scale for me, but the first unlocked stretch-goal, a tent, looks like something that could be up-scaled, so I make that my favourite.
Check it out before it ends on June 8 2019.

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All photos, renders and illustrations © EC3D Design, Aether Studios, Kraken Studios and Forlorn Hope Soldiers respectively and used with permission.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

3D-Printing Review: Wailing Tower from Thunder Chrome 3 kickstarter

Thunder Chrome has a kickstarter just now, Thunder Chrome 3: Highway to Castle Painskull, where you’ll get files for modular epic-sized buildings and catwalks between them.
I kindly got some pre-release files for review-purposes before the campaign and when I started looking at them my first thought was “Whatever will I use this for?” I printed some (the top three pieces of the tower) and realized that they look great, the fit between the pieces are perfect and that there are quite a lot of possibilities here.
I painted those while I printed pieces for the lower part of the tower (floor, two arches and two walls with circular windows). Painted those and realised that I really like this set. Now I had to have an even higher tower, so I printed four supports, the legs that lift the tower, and another floor. When I was at it I printed the three-piece stairs also, as our heroes have to be able to reach the upper floors.
I use a really basic paint-scheme: Army Painter Rough Iron as a base, drybrush with AP Plate Mail Metal. Details painted AP True Copper and Vallejo Bronze.
I still haven’t painted the supports or stairs, as I used up all Rough Iron and need to buy more. Got a cold that has floored me for a couple of days now, preventing me from visiting my Friendly Local Gaming Store. 
I am thinking about printing a balcony for the tower and maybe some of the catwalks, connecting this piece to other buildings.
So, what will I use it for? My first thought was Frostgrave, where it will look smashing. From Frostgrave the jump to Ghost Archipelago is a short one. In both, a treasure or two in the top-floor would be suitable.
Then I thought about Pulp Alley, where a scenario around a mad scientist holed up on the top floor during a thunderstorm does have certain attractions. Combine that with an operating table on which a lifeless body lies, connected to the spire (which, by the way, is the front of an Amraam missile from the parts-box) with wires. Hurry before the golem wakes up! Yep, definitely a scenario here.
So, there are all sorts of uses for this, and I have just started exploring them. I’m really happy with this.
© Thunder Chrome and used with permission
The verdict:
It’s different, fit is excellent, it paints up easily and the end-result is eye-catching. What’s not to like?  Great stuff!
© Thunder Chrome and used with permission
Do check it out before the kickstarter ends on May 27 2019. There is a free samples pack on the Kickstarter page if you want to ge a feel of it all before taking the plunge.

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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Modular and not

The first of the modular kickstarters is Highway to Castle Painskull, where you will get files for great looking large printable structures useable for sci-fi, fantasy and even pulp games.
You can build huge (look at the minis in the pics) multi-level buildings with a rather epic feel, and the amount of different files in the base pledge will guarantee that no two structures have to look the same.
My favourites are the wailing towers, as I have an idea of using them in both Frostgrave and Pulp Alley.
I have received some pre-release files for review-purposes you will soon see a review of what I have printed and painted.
You still have more than two weeks to back this kickstarter, as it ends on May 27 2019.

From gigantic alien-looking structures to interior modular tiles, usable in spaceships or sci-fi buildings.
Here you’ll get some rather smart bases with swappable inserts, making this a very versatile set.
I think this looks great, and my favourite feature here are the inserts, as they let you have lots of variability without printing copious amounts of tiles. Great stuff.
This campaign end on May 28 2019.

From sci-fi interiors to the great outdoors.
Here you have hex-shaped tiles with generic surfaces, making it possible to paint them in different ways to represent different terrain types.
There is a possibility to download a free sample pack from MGStudios webshop, which is a good way to see if this is something for you.
My favourite feature here is the way you can create wildly different terrain by using different paint-schemes. Great stuff!
Have a look at these great tiles before May 25 2019.

Can’t decide if you want to pledge for indoors or outdoors modularity? Maybe this campaign can satisfy you, as it will give you something of everything.
Here you will find modular outdoors mars-like surfaces, trenches, caverns, lava-tubes, space-station houses, corridors and rooms. Then there are vehicles, miniatures and other structures.
Lots and lots to find here, and my favourites are the cavern and lava-tube tiles for terrain and the stretch-goal Power Station for buildings.
Check it out before May 21 2019.

From modular tiles to free-standing scatter for your fantasy forest.
Here you’ll find giant mushrooms, trees, tree-stumps and rocks.
A very affordable mini-campaign where my favourites are the mushrooms. I have a soft spot for both real ones and their giant fantasy-relatives.
Check it out before May 14 2019.

This really is what is says in the title. Skulls, piles of skulls, a skull pyramid and skulls on sticks.
If you want skulls, you’ll find it here, in this very affordable mini-campaign.
My favourite is the skull-filled tree, which is really nice.
Have a look before May 22 2019.

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All photos, renders and illustrations © Thunder Chrome, Project Mobius, David M. Higgins, WOW Buildings, Michael Novelo and Kieran Billings respectively and used with permission.