Monday, 18 March 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – From Sci-Fi to Fantasy with a dose of modern

Let’s jump right into this crop of new kickstarters!

If you’re looking for large Sci-Fi buildings you might find just what you need here.
These would look terrific in smaller scales, and some of them work well to print in 28mm, while others might need some chopping-up to fit the print-area.
With 15mm figures! Looking fantastic.
All in all I think these are really great futuristic buildings. Fantastic stuff if you want to build a town to fight over.
Hurry up and check it out before it ends on March 23 2019.

Here is something that is made to use in your 28mm Sci-Fi gaming.
A monorail with trains and different cars. Who wouldn’t like to have that on their gaming table?
This is really useful and would look great on the table, not to mention all the scenario possibilities – hi-jacking, train-robberies and what-not. Great stuff!
This KS ends on April 21 2019.

We move from Sci-Fi to pulp/modern with this campaign, featuring everything from huge city building to small suburban homes.
Very nice and tempting stuff here that would easily fill a gaming board. There are also sidewalks and street-tiles, and they are OpenLOCK compatible (yay!).
Great looking, all of it. My favourites are the smaller houses, like the one above and those below. 
Have a look, on April 7 2019 at the latest.

Now we move from a modern town to a more fantasy one.
Here you’ll find a bunch of printable townsfolk, to interact with your heroes (or just be a bloody nuisance for them)
There are some 30 figures in the main pledge, and they should be printable, without supports, on your filament-printer.
The clever people at Ill-Gotten Games have a free starter-set of about a dozen figures to try out if you would like to do some test-printing. You should at least download those!
Check it all out before April 7 2019.

We remain in a fantasy world with this final campaign, featuring interlocking tiles of dungeons, caves and such.
My favourites are the hexagonal cave-tiles, that looks really great. With those you could build really elaborate caves for all your dungeoneering needs.
Truly great stuff, well worth a look and maybe a pledge.
This KS ends on April 11 2019.

Next post will show some of the stuff I’ve been printing and painting. There will actually be more than one post on that in the near future as I work hard on painting all those lovely models.

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All photos, renders and illustrations © Sean H Bullough, Watcorp Designs, Archangel Design, Ill Gotten Games and Zandoria Models & Miniatures respectively and used with permission.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Rise of Moloch – Bobbies, flaming zombies and a damsel in distress

Been rather active with my Rise of Moloch miniatures.
These were rather easy to finish, and as they are horde-monsters and horde-allies I didn’t spend that much time on them. Not very happy about the flames, but they will do.
The damsel in distress is just that, and will need to be rescued in the first scenario.
Now I only need to finish the remaining heroes to have everything painted for the first scenario. They are prepped and ready for paint. I'm really looking forward to start playing.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – two times Sci-Fi, towers and a tavern

If you look for something to cover your Sci-Fi table with, then this might be just it.
You’ll find hangars, a very futuristic laboratory, power towers, a comm tower, a roadside diner, post apocalypse shacks and scatter.
Printed shack
Lots of great stuff here.
My favourite is the diner, which has a great retro-look about it. It would look as good on a post-apocalyptic table as on a purely Sci-Fi one, but I would probably leave the sign off. 
Well worth a look, and do that on April 3 2019 at the latest.

So now you got a board filled with cool buildings and some scatter. What do you need?
More scatter, of course, and vehicles!
The speeders look great and the consoles will come in handy in all those buildings you just bought.
What I think looks extra tempting are the modular pipe-system. Very useful.
Check it out before March 10 2019.

Does your fantasy world have a wizard with megalomania? If yes, then I’m sure he’ll need a suitable tower to live in. They all seem to need one.
Why not give him/her three different options: Claw, Iron or Dragon Tower (with another ruined one soon to be unlocked as a stretch-goal.
Pledge for one of them or the whole bunch.
(I’m sure said wizard would be quite pissed if you settle for just one… just saying)
Be sure to check it out before April 2 2019 (or you’ll have a mighty annoyed wizard looking for revenge)
Here you’ll find a tavern and those who frequent it, either in resin or as stl-files.
Gorgeous miniatures and what looks to be a really nice tavern, stables and an old shack.
There are also some great add-ons, such as the The Gaul Cart, that would look fantastic on the gaming table.
Have a look before the campaign ends, on March 16 2019.

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All photos, renders and illustrations © LOOTgames, Hayland Terrain, Fabio and Z1 Design respectively and used with permission.

Monday, 25 February 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Lots of fun stuff

Seven new kickstarters this time, covering fantasy, Sci-Fi and WWII airplanes. Let’s jump right into it.

Sometime I see campaigns and feel like “why don’t I game this period?” This is one of those times, as I really like what I see here.
Sci-Fi desert buildings, what’s not to like? These look gorgeous, and are sure to draw every-ones attention when you have them on your gaming table. Fantastic stuff.
You’ll get everything from really large structures to smaller ones (like the toilet above), walls and furniture.
There’s enough here to get you a sizeable town, and for a very reasonable cost, too.
Check it out before March 8 2019.

There are some very good-looking buildings in this kickstarter that will work well in fantasy and historical setting, both medieval and modern.
For me the ruined crypts would come in handy in the Frostgrave setting I’m building, and the mimic coffin would be great to use in a dungeon.
The figures are of the undead sort, and would do well bashing adventurers in a fantasy setting and they are also made with fantasy football in mind.
Check it out before March 10 2019.

Do you need nice houses, bridges and market stalls? Well, we all do.
Do you need a gigantic turtle with ruins on its shell? Yeah, probably! (I mean, that would instantly raise interest in whatever scenario you’re about to game)
Lots of fun and useful stuff in this kickstarter. It is all over the place, in a good way.
Have a look before March 24 2019.

Do you want a castle of your own, and especially a modular one scaled for your miniatures?
Look no further, as this is just that.
You’ll find walls, towers, stairs, doors, gates, barracks, hoardings, a stable and more here.
Not only that, it’s really affordable, too.
Absolutely worth a look, and preferably before its end-date of March 16 2019.

If you need a Titan, either as a stl-file or as a resin model, then you might find it here.
This kickstarter is for just one anime-style Titan, but there is also an opportunity to pledge to get their previous kickstarters, which are all very good-looking.
Have a look before March 1 2019.

How about a couple of spaceships?
Here’s your chance to get a handful for a very reasonable price.
They do look really nice, and should feel at home in most Sci-Fi games. Why not parked among hte houses of your brand new printed Desert Trading Post?
There is also a very affordable pledge if you’re interested in having a commercial licence to print these and sell them on.
Well worth a look! The campaign ends on April 3 2019.

Fancy some WWII airplanes, more specifically a horde of them? If yes, then you should visit this kickstarter, where you have a chance of getting files for a variety of planes.
1/72 down to 1/300
They seem to work well both in large and small scales and the printed examples look really good.
There are mostly fighters here, but if the campaign would reach the He 111 that would give you one huge plane.
I could really use files for Ju52 transports, but unfortunately no such files here.
Anyway, have a look at this before March 14 2019.

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All photos, renders and illustrations © War Scenery, Cross Lances, Brayan Nafarrate, Kieran Billings, Heresy Lab, 3D Rebel Forge and 3D Wargaming  respectively and used with permission.