Thursday, 30 November 2017

Sadie and Kat from Hasslefree

 Two modern females from Hasslefree, one of my favourite companies.
They’ve been assembled but unpainted for far too long (probably bought Kat about 10 years ago by now) and it was about time they got some time on the painting table, together with two Hasslefree-males that I still work on.

Really nice minis, as always when Kev White sculpts them. 

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Conan: Thalis and Skuthus

The final two characters from the Conan core box are finally done.
Skuthus is necromancer and the name is from one of Howards’ drafts and not official, IIRC.
Thalis is actually another baddie, but in the stories she was killed by a demon, so Conan didn’t have to do the dirty work himself.
In-game they will, off course, both die horribly by the hand of Conan. Goes without saying, really.

Now I only have some 20 minis left to paint in the core-box, and then it will head for the club. 
Did I say "only"...

Friday, 24 November 2017

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Italian houses and bases

Two new 3D-printing kickstarters this week.
Jens from 3D-Print-Terrain is at it again, with a new campaign focused on buildings suitable for southern European theatres.
You can choose between backing one or several houses, or go all in (€40) for the base lot of buildings and all stretch-goals.
Some stretch-goals are already reached, and it would be interesting to see renders of all of those and the ones not yet reached.
If WWII in Italy or SCW is your thing, then this is well worth a look.
This KS ends on December 19, 2017.

Here we have bases, in lots of sizes and themes.
Great if you want more than just the ordinary blank slotta-bases for your figs.
Not for me, this one, as I mainly use transparent bases, but certainly useful.
This KS ends on December 20, 2017

All photos and illustrations © 3D-Print-Terrain and David Lee Seymour respectively and used with permission.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Furniture from Frontline

I’ve had these resin-pieces (25WW23 Assorted Cupboards) from Frontline squirrelled away for ages.
They contained a lot of bubbles needing green-stuffing. Not too big a job fixing that and giving them  some paint.

Nice with these as playable pieces instead of stuff in the tin- and polymer-terrain-mountain.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – A whole game, ancient Egypt, dungeons and… stuff

Once again a hectic week when it comes to 3D –printable kickstarters, and all are worth a peek if you’re into this stuff.

First off is something I’ve been waiting to see for some time, a totally printable game.
Here everything is in electronic format; from rules and cards to miniatures.
For your 3D-printer you’ll get different troop types for the human and orcs & goblins factions and some buildings made by our friends at Printable Scenery (meaning it will be great-looking). Also included are some useful accessories, like card-trays and measuring tools.
This looks really interesting as a new concept, and it will be fun to see where it goes from here.
This KS ends on December 18 2017.

This looks so nice, so very nice.
Our pulp games often take place in Egypt and these tiles, pillars, statues, obelisks and more would look great on the gaming table.
You have the opportunity to pledge for either everything as stl-files or go the old-fashioned way J and get it delivered to your door-step as physical products.
Any way you choose is bound to give you a great product, and as a bonus it is OpenLOCK-compatible (or at least the stl-version is).
This KS ends on December 15 2017.

In this campaign you have 11 different sets to be bough individually, as sets or all-in. In total more than 500 different files.
They use Infinitylock to connect the pieces. Seems to be a locking system of theirs and doesn’t seem to be compatible with OpenLOCK, unfortunately. That might not be a problem if you buy into this system as DungeonWorks seem to have so much stuff in their range that it should satisfy most everyone.
Floors are designed to be printed standing on end, which seem to be a very good idea as you can print more at the same time.
Definitely worth a look if you’re looking into printable dungeons.
This KS ends on December 15 2017.

This is a massive amount of varied stuff, more than 500 files, for $60.
You’ll get buildings, airships, bases, brick road, cages, carts, dungeon filler, furniture, market place, mine tracks, sci-fi stuff and much, much more.
A great KS to back if you want a bit of this and that. It is OpenLOCK-compatible where applicable.
This KS ends on December 10 2017.

All photos and illustrations © War Gaming Studio Inc., Lunesdargent Workshop, Klingbeil and Kevin Rau respectively and used with permission.

Welcome follower Michael Köhler with Michael's 1/72 Figuren, a really nice blog on smaller minis. Do check it out.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Scenery from Zealot

I just finished some more scenery from Zealot, this time a bed, rustic throne, banquet table with cloth and three monster beddings.

Everything is, as always, really great stuff.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

A couple of minis from Oathsworn, Blue Moon and RAFM

A varied bunch of figures this time.
First we have a pregnant woman from Oathsworn Miniatures. This is such a nice mini, and she can be used in everything from a fantasy setting, to pulp, to modern and SF.
Next a butcher from Blue Moon and their Slice of Americana box. A good background figure in a 1930’s pulp or gangster game.
Finally an knife-armed cultist from RAFM. It will come in handy in our Pulp Alley campaign as it is inevitable that it ends up in Egypt sooner or later. 
Welcome new Google+ follower Mystic-Realm, makers of terrain both classic and in the form of .stl-files, and Adam Fletcher of HexT 3D-printable modular terrain. Hope you find something of interest.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Kickstarter Watch – 3D-printing – modular terrain tiles, dungeon pools and floating islands

3D-printable terrain kickstarters seem to be popular, both among backers and producers. It’s an ideal product really, as you as a customer don’t have to worry about shipping or waiting for inefficient or plain incompetent mail-distributers, as everything is digital, and you can print in most any scale you want. As a producer you can sit anywhere on this globe and send your stl-files everywhere else with a click on a button.
On to what popped up this last week. A good batch of diverse kickstarters.

This is really clever - hex-based modular terrain. Okay, we’ve seen that on the traditional market already, but this version is packed with possibilities and is, of course, printable.
First you have a puzzle-like base to give you stability, then risers to give height, if needed, and finally the terrain tiles.
There are a whole bunch of different tiles, both smooth and graded, water and cliffs. A myriad variants of the graded ones to give variability.
Variability seem to be the thing here, as you can build all sorts of rolling hills, rivers and whatnot.
It looks really tempting and definitely something to look at if ever you’ve been interested in modular terrain.
This KS ends on December 5 2017.

If the next adventure for your minis is expected to go below ground then this might be something to consider – a lot of different subterranean scatter terrain in the form of pools and the like.
Everything looks really useful for dungeon-crawls.
You can expect to find lots of unpleasant dark-elves among these pieces.
This KS ends on November 18 2017.

Floating islands. Who doesn’t like them?
If you want to adventure on a totally different setting then this might be it. Floating islands in all sorts of sizes and shapes.
I would have loved these a year ago when we adventured on Pulp Alley’s Perilous Island.
I can see these with vegetation, lianas connecting them together, rickety hanging bridges… it could be really cool.
This KS ends on November 21 2017.

All photos and illustrations © Adam Fletcher, Mystic Realm and Immortal Realms respectively and used with permission.