Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Scatter scenery

Some small things finished over the last weeks.
The desk is a 3D-printed Gothic Bed I downloaded from Thingiverse quite a while ago. Can’t find it now, unfortunately, so I can’t point you in the right direction. Anyway, a nice little piece.
The heaps of fruit and snake basket comes from Sally 4th and their Souk Props. Very nice! More coming as they are all on the painting table.
Pumpkin, loaf of bread, cheese and platters are all from Zealot Miniatures. Useful bits and pieces that I can use in everything from a fantasy dungeon to science fiction. Good stuff!

Friday, 27 July 2018

Hjärnor på Kickstarter

(Sorry guys, this is in Swedish about a Swedish game - Google Translate will give you an idea)
De senaste två åren har vi startat Gothcon med ett parti Hjärnor. Vi har lyckats vara med på första partiet på fredag morgon, och det har varit jättekul.
För er som inte har en aning om vad jag pratar om, så är Hjärnor ett svenskt zombiefigurspel som utspelar sig i en svensk småstad 1995.
Nu är den äntligen här som en kickstarter som har startat riktigt bra.
I onsdags, när kickstartern satte igång, så började min spelgrupp genast planera. Ska vi bygga upp kopia av hamnen i Nynäshamn, eller kanske Mälarhöjdens centrum eller centrala Stjärnhov (på ett 2’x2’ bräde…) eller… Barnens lådor med avlagda leksaker raidades på bilar i lämpliga skalor, figurer inventerades, plast- och tenn-berg bestegs och utforskades, länkar till lämpliga langare (av tenn och plast) delades.
Låt säga att vi tände på alla cylindrar.
Så, checka kickstartern och hosta upp så mycket pengar du anser dig kunna investera. Det här är bara för bra. 
Jag ser verkligen fram mot det att få alla grejer i brevlådan.
Extra (se den som en stretch-goal för 5 comments): En ofokuserad bild på en fenomenal reklamskylt - speciellt för dig, Peter!
Film och illustrationer © Eleso Förlag och används med tillstånd. Foton från Hjärnor på Gothcon 2018 av författaren.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Rise of Moloch – Emerson and Tobias

Emerson and Tobias
Another couple of agents (=baddies) for The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch.
These guys work as a team and if one dies, the other gets a bonus action.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Brimstone – Custodians of Targa and Targa Plateau Pylons

Some Shadows of Brimstone stuff I’ve finished. I’m sort of concentrating on stuff for Targa and Jargono, as I’ve already got some monsters from these. That is not to say I won’t paint anything else, you know me…
These models are from the Custodians of Targa Enemy Pack.
The ususal 28mm figure to get a sense of size.
The Custodians are interesting figures and easy to paint. I can see them used in a pulp setting, too. 
The pylons were as easy and will replace the cardboard pieces you got in the starter box.
I'm sensing a game of Shadows of Brimstone coming up soon.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – a lot of new campaigns!

Summer seem to be a good time for everyone with a printer, as there’s a lot of new stuff out there. This time there are quite a few new creators I haven’t covered before, and some old hands.
Let’s see what we have!

Jens at 3D-Print-Terrrain moves back to WWII and mainly Western Europe with WW2 printable terrain for tabletop and modelling.
Great stuff, as we’ve come to expect from Jens. Everything from very useful town buildings to submarines.
There is even a Haunebu as a stretch-goal. I would love that for my Dust-games!
This is absolutely worth a look!
This KS ends on August 11 2018.

George Longland is a newcomer when it comes to printable scenery kickstarters and with Printable Scenery for Tabletop Wargames he tempts us with some desert style buildings optimized for 15mm gaming. 
Shouldn’t be any problem scaling them up to 20mm.
This KS ends on August 11 2018.

Eric Askue is back and he seem to have a lot of twisted dreams (in a good sense) that he converts into stl-files. In WORLDS OVER RUN Catalog 3 he presents us with multi-level floating/flying platforms and equally floating rocks.
As always the stuff looks amazing.
This would be great for sf-gaming and I can think up a pulp-adventure or two around this. Where is that mad scientist?
There are also some mystic trees and standing stones.
Well worth a look!
This KS ends on August 1 2018.

Bryan Nafarrate presents us with buildings and creatures in Fantasy tabletop 3d printables.
Some rather nice creatures and props.
I really like the mimic-chest and slimes. The latter would be great with transparent filament.
This KS ends on August 6 2018.

BIO-CRAFT Supersized Sci-Fi Gaming Terrain or 3D STL Files by Jason Andrew Hite will give you an option to buy either physical terrain or stl-files.
It’s all about alien-style structures and look really creepy.
He might have problems reaching his funding level, and if that happens then I hope he brings out the stl-files in a separate kickstarter, as they look really interesting.
This KS ends on August 1 2018.

A very characterful vehicle that can be used as is on the table-top or as a card-holder or dice-tower.
What’s not to like!

This KS ends on July 26 2018.

All renders, photos and illustrations © 3D-Print-Terrain, George Longland, Eric Askue, Bryan Nafarrate, Jason Andrew Hite and Project Mobius respectively and used with permission.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Dogs and more birds

I’ve been on vacation in the Stockholm Archipelago and without much of an internet connection. Back now in front of the computer, so it’s time for some regular posting.
First of is a bunch of animals that were finished just before we left for the summer place.
The two leftmost dogs are from Reaper and the right one is a Faithful Dog from Shadows of Brimstone.
The birds are a falcon from Reaper, owl from Otherworld (my favourite of the bunch), another Reaper falcon and a crow from Otherworld.
They will come in handy as background creatures, helpers or maybe “monsters”.