Friday, 30 January 2015


I found this in a bargain bin many years ago and it sedimented into the bottom of the tin and plastics mountain and laid there, forgotten. Found and retrieved now.
It’s a Hellshrieker from Wizards’ Dreamblade pre-painted miniatures range. Originally with a square base but I sawed that off and used one of my 25mm crystal clear Sally 4th bases instead.
Repainted in different pinks and rotting flesh tones, washed with Citadel Baal Red and lightly drybrushed with Formula P3 Thrall Flesh. Teeth Bone White with Army Painter Strong Tone wash. Finally a coat of gloss varnish.
Icky thing, looks like a mound of intestines. Will probably see action as a Cthulhu monster or maybe in a game of Open Combat.
Sweet dreams...

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Dust – Sturmprinz/Prinzluther

The first of my walkers for Dust Warfare. This kit contained enough parts to make two different wehicles.
Prinzluther, Troop Panzer Walker VI-C, is armed with a 20mm Flak with a co-axial MG and twin MGs in a turret underneath the main body. It can carry six soldiers.
Sturmprinz, Troop Panzer Walker VI-D, is armed with a twin 30mm anti-aircraft gun and a twin MG underneath. It can carry six soldiers inside and another six as tank riders.
I painted the vehicle in the same paint scheme I’ve used for my German heavy troops to get a coherent look for all my Germans. Also used pigments to dirty it up.

No national markings on this one as the decals I had expected from the Dust Kickstarter was out of stock… They will hopefully show up sometime in the not too distant future so my other vehicles won’t look so naked.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Dust – Schwer-Sturmgrenadiere and Doomsday Clock

These are really gorgeous figures and I picked them up immediately when Fantasy Flight had their sale of Dust minis in November.
First the Jagdgrenadiere armed with a 75mm caseless anti-tank gun and a twin machinegun. Just look at it. It’s such a fantastic set of minis.
Here we have the Laser-Jagdgrenadier and as you might have guessed from the name they are armed with a really big and powerful laser. Once upon a time I worked with a CO2-laser. That was great fun but what a laugh compared to this beast… Another very nicely done mini. The only thing I have against it is the magazine. I’m not sure what it’s for, surely not ammo. Spare rubies...?

They are painted like my other German heavy infantry, the only difference is that I drybrushed these here and there with 863 Gunmetal Grey to get a more worn look.
They are based om 60mm clear bases from Sally 4th. Slightly smaller than the 65mm of the official bases.

And now for something completely different – The Doomsday clock was adjusted yesterday. It was looking a bit better when the Cold War ended, but now it has been moved two minutes closer to midnight. Presently we’re at 3 minutes to, just a minute better than all-time worst in 1953.
The reason – inaction on climate change and nuclear arms. Nothing new there...
Great news everybody. Congratulations. How about not voting for idiots next election?

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Gary Gygax and TSR

I found this really interesting blog post the other day. It’s all about how Gary Gygax lost control over the company TSR and therefore also over his brainchild Dungeons & Dragons.
Follow the link in the post to the full article - ‘The Ambush at Sheridan Springs’.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Paints in the post, VAT and Conan

I just got this rather nice update on paints posted in the UK mail.
Good news, now I can continue buying hard to get paints from UK.
Unless off course the new stupid VAT rules are allowed to go forward. It’s bad enough as it is with digital downloads, but with the continuation comprising all mailorder it will be a deadly blow against the hobby. Do read about what is happening and sign the petition.You can do more, contact your local newspaper for instance. The knowledge about this stupidity seem to be non-existent.

Finally something a bit more funny – a Kickstarter! Conan this time. A lot of stuff for a reasonable amount of money. Tons of stretch-goals. What’s not to like? (For the record – I have not pledged. Trying to get friends to do the dirty work for me. Without success… L)
Finally a great big welcome to follower RMacedo NoVember with the blog One Fine Day In August. Lots of really nicely painted minis. 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Dust – Silent Death and a game of Brimstone

These are the SSU Steel Guard Sniper Squad, also known as Silent Death. Two snipers armed with 23mm Heavy Rifles and Steel Gloves, these are truly fearsome adversaries.
They are the first of the Kickstarter minis I’ve painted, and they are just fantastic. A pleasure to paint and they look like they could take on the world, or at least some German heavy infantry.
I put some more effort into these, as I think they deserved it.
Paints used:
Armour – Vallejo 894 Camo Olive Green with an Army Painter Dark Tone wash. Heavily drybrushed with 968 Flat Green and drybrushed 863 Gunmetal Grey. Rust painted with 68 Smokey Ink.
Tubes – 306 Dark Rubber
Weapons and springs – 863 Gunmetal Grey with two washes of Dark Tone
Cloth – 924 Russian Uniform WWII with a Strong Tone wash
Leather straps – 876 Brown Sand also washed with Strong Tone.
Missing a piece on the tank behind the body. That and a couple of missing cards from the kickstarter will hopefully arrive in the post shortly.
They are big.

I played my first game of Brimstone with one of my sons this weekend. We played the introductory scenario, using a Marshal and Saloon Girl, misunderstood a lot of the rules, made mistakes and got our behinds whipped, but we enjoyed ourselves immensely.
I used some of my Black Scorpion minis as substitutes
We only used the minis I have already painted and I feel that the game will be much more fun the more different minis you have, so at the moment I’m assembling all monsters from the other box and waiting eagerly for the rest of the stuff from the Kickstarter.

Great fun! More games will be played shortly.

Friday, 9 January 2015

A give-away from Tor Gaming

Do you fancy £150 worth of minis and rules?
If yes, then you should over to Tor Gaming and their contest that is open until January 22.
The minis you can win seem to be a complete faction from their Relics series, and when I checked them out I found the Vaettir just so cute. They are all very cute, actually.
Check out yourself, and if you go by this link and enter the competition I will get a few extra points. I wouldn’t mind that