Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Kickstarter Watch - Epic Dungeon Tiles: Fantasy Tiles for 3D Printers

It’s very promising with all these new 3D printing kickstarters popping up. It bodes well for the future of 3D-printing and will hopefully get more people to buy a printer, which in turn will allow for further growth.
Bob Mehew contacted me the other day and asked me to take a look at his kickstarter, Epic Dungeon Tiles: Fantasy Tiles for 3D Printers.
If you’re interested in what 3D-printing can do for your hobby then this is a very affordable entry point and if you’re already into 3D-printing then it is equally affordable.
Pledges start at £5, which gives you the Just Tiles reward, comprising some basic dungeon tiles, doors, pillars and a statue, or the Help I’m Trapped reward with a lot of traps.
If you want both of the above it will cost you a total of £8.
For £18 you’ll get all the dungeon tiles, an observatory and tavern tiles.
Now, this is really affordable and doubly so, as all pledges of £5 or more will be eligible for all stretch goals. At the moment the campaign is within a couple of £ of being funded and with that a couple of stretch-goals will be unlocked. With a minimum of luck they will be followed by a lot more.
I especially like the cute Toadstool House.
Bob is currently looking into making the whole set Open Lock-compatible, which I think is a very good idea. We’ll see what happens with that during the campaign.
Bob kindly sent me a couple of STL-files for review purposes and as soon as I get my printer up and running again I’ll try them and will get back with the results.

All pictures and illustrations © Bob Mehew and used with permission.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Kickstarter Watch - Ages of Pirates Printable Tabletop Terrain

3D-Print-Terrain is at it again. I backed their Normandy KS a while back, and the files from that looked good, even though I haven’t printed anything of it yet.
This time we’ll get some Age of Pirates goodness, which seem well-timed as pirates seem to becoming more and more popular.
Let’s see what is offered.
It starts at €10 where you’ll get a British Tudor House, and then goes up to the main pledge level at €40 where you’ll get it all + stretch goals.
The KS has gone very well these first few days and there are a lot of stretch goals already unlocked, and with all those that €40 pledge level looks really tempting.
This is absolutely worth a look if you’re at all interested in some Tudor houses for your gaming tables or Caribbean wargaming. Check it out!

All pictures and illustrations © 3D-Print-Terrain and used with permission.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Sylph from Reaper

Another Reaper Bones mini, this time it’s a Sylph, sculpted by Julie Guthrie. It’s a bit different than the metal version.
This is another of the minis my daughter chose for me to paint, and it was rather difficult to finish, as especially the wings were hard to do justice. As it is I painted them white followed by a yellow wash. That turned out far too yellow so I had to drybrush them white to tone everything down a bit. Still to yellow, I think, but I do like the blue dress she wears. 
Anyway, here she is.

Welcome Google+ follower Todd Brashear!
A comparison the get a feel for her size

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Zombicide: Black Plague – Apprentice Milo and Ostokar the Pale

Two more minis for Zombicide: Black Plague, this time Milo and Ostokar.
Ostokar the Pale
Ostokar is a special figure as he can be used either as a hero or as a Necromancer. I think we’ll use him as a necromancer next game, to see how multiple necromancers work in-game. 
The fearsome Apprentice Milo.
Milo and Ostakar are two of four minis in the Special Guest Box - Naïade expansion.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Zombicide: Black Plague – Lady Faye

Lady Faye
Another mini finished for Zombicide, this time Lady Faye. Painted her as close to the illustration as I could, which is both fun and very useful in-game when you want to find and be able to identify your heroes at a glance.

Another really nice hero, as they all are.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Kickstarter Watch – Thunder Chrome 2: 3D printable Sci-Fi scenery for wargames

I’m rather fond of 3D-printable scenery, as you might have noticed J. There seem to be more and more companies supplying us with a varied crop of STL-files now, which is good for the future of 3D-printing.
Here’s another kickstarter, Thunder Chrome 2, with some rather nice scenery for your 3D-printer, this time Sci-Fi themed. 
An example of what you can build from the €20-pledge
The €45-pledge gives you more to play with
Pledges go from €20 to 80 and will give you access to some or all of the rather plentiful stretch-goals, and also add-ons.
What I think looks most interesting is the modular concept that look easy to use and very handy, as it should make it possible to build quite a lot of different buildings with a modest investment.
The €60-pledge adds hab-blocks
Another cool feature is the possibility to add battle-damage (or rather subtract it) during play.
If you pledge €80 you'll get access to the battle-damaged pieces and more.
There are of course a lot of stretch-goals already reached, adding more value to each pledge.
One of the stretch-goals
This looks very promising and if you’re interested in Sci-Fi scenery and own or have access to a 3D-printer I think it worthwhile to check out.

Another one
Thunder Chrome 2 runs until June 30.
All pictures and illustrations © Thunder Chrome and used with permission.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Mercs: Recon – CPP-209

This walker is one of the add-ons I bought from the Mercs: Recon kickstarter all those years ago. It shared the fate of so many minis and went to the tin- and polymer-mountain.
 Gaming-pal Thomas sealed its fate when he started babbling about some unpainted post-apocalypse minis he had. So, instead of a shiny-corporate-death-machine-look I gave this a more run-down appearance to fit that kind of setting.
So, this is especially for you, Thomas, as an encouragement to unbox your Ghosts of Gaia figures and give them the paintjob they deserve! 
CPP-209 is up for a fight.