Sunday, 6 April 2014

Work in progress leads to Mad Padre give-away

A work-in-progress picture of my first figure from the Winter War Kickstarter from Baker Company. This is one of the Russian infantry.
I sent this photo to my two pals (I won’t mention any names, but they both have an interest in this Kickstarter...) and the first said “Hey, it’s Mad Padre” and the other one replied “Yes, spot on”. I’m not too sure about that, but it is an excellent Segway to a rather funny give-away at, you guessed it, Mad Padre Wargames. Three pictures and you can give them a caption or dialogue.

Check it out, and follow the site if it interests you. I think it is highly enjoyable.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Alien Shocktroopers – part 2

The Alien Shocktrooper Squad Indiegogo crowd funding didn’t work out, unfortunately. Fortunately it will live on, though, at CP Models. They will stock the troopers in question, and you can pre-order them now if you’re interested. The good news is that you will get them for approximately the same price as in the Indiegogo. Offer is open all through April.

Well worth a look, if SF-minis is your thing. Really alien aliens.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Fireteam Zero – a Kickstarter to check out!

Fireteam Zero is an interesting Kickstarter on its last days. Set in an alternate 40’s, a group of heroes battle Cthulhuid monsters. Pledge for the game with or without expansions, or (best of all in my opinion) pledge for just the figures. About $100 for about 100 miniatures. I won’t get much better than this!

Absolutely worth a look, whether you’re interested in board-games or miniatures. Check it out.

Friday, 28 March 2014

More Wild West gunslingers

Deputy Sheriff Parker, last man from the Town Watch pack and one of the gals from the Cow Girls II pack, all from Black Scorpion.

Rather quick paintjobs on these. 

Paints used (Vallejo unless stated otherwise)
Deputy Parker
Trousers – 874 Tan Earth
Belt – 872 Chocolate Brown
Ammo belt – P3 Bootstrap Leather
Shirt – Coat d’Arms 240 Unbleached Wool
Coat – 843 Cork Brown
Hat – 819 Iraqui Sand
Skin - 955 Flat Flesh
Hair – 875 Beige Brown
Weapon – 863 Gunmetal Grey
Washed with Army painter Strong Tone and touch-ups after that.
Gun Stock – 984 Flat Brown and graining with 981 Orange Brown

The man with the nice hat
Coat – 874 Tan Earth
Hat – 872 Chocolate Brown
Shirt – 819 Iraqui Sand
Trousers – 971 Green Grey
Hair – Coat d’Arms 235 Horse Tone Brown
Washed as above

Girl (I’m not too happy with her, she doesn’t seem to be very typical of the 1870:s...)
Shorts – 872 Chocolate Brown
Boots – 871 Leather Brown
Shirt – Coat d’Arms Unbleached Wool
Hat – 843 Cork Brown
Hair – Coat d’Arms Horse Tone Chestnut
Washed as above.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Marshall’s Office from 4Ground

Another excellent kit from 4Ground and their Dead Man’s Hand range.
It’s made of pre-painted laser-cut MDF, and you only need glue to put it together. A couple of clamps and some rubber bands are good to have also.

I put the kit together during two evenings, and it is really very easy with the very clear instructions. Great  kit that will cost you about £24. I need some furniture now.
Also included is a couple of poster that you can put on the Wanted-board, or elsewhere in town.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Troglodyte Chieftain from Otherworld

This is half of the Troglodyte Chieftain and Shaman set, DM10c, from Otherworld. I painted the Shaman from this pack in 2010 and three trogs from the DM10b pack last September. This guy has been partly painted for several years, but I’m in the process of finishing all those started but not finished figures. Finally...
Anyway, this chieftain was painted just like the three trogs, only difference being arms and armour.

Shield and shoulder armour painted Vallejo 892 Yellow Olive, armbands and amulets Vallejo Game Color 59 Hammered Copper, leather unknown, wood 843 Cork Brown and ropes on the club Humbrol 186 Hemp. Everything got a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone. Finally the wood was drybrushed 967 Buff.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Russian 28mm trucks or 28mm Sci-Fi aliens

The Winter War Kickstarter was a success, and here is a continuation. This time trucks.
First off there is a new refuelling truck, and also all the truck-based vehicles from the Winter War Kickstarter, troop transport, cargo transport, AAMG, BA-10 and BA-20 Armoured Cars.
As pay-for stretch-goals we find a radio truck and the SU-12 Regimental Gun.
You also have the option to buy some of the AFV:s from the older kickstarter as add-ons. This is a short Kickstarter, ending on April 4.
If this Kickstarter reaches the SU-12 I have to consider joining it. Lovely vehicle.
Something completely different is Alien Shocktrooper Squad. Ten very alien multi-species soldiers. It’s a small company seeking funds to make moulds for these already existing models. Expected delivery time in June.

They only have until March 27 to reach their goal of €4000 and they only have 1400 yet. I think this is a very worthy endeavour, so check it out and see if you can support them in any way. €36 for the whole 10-man squad is good value, and if they don’t reach their target you don’t have to pay anything.