Sunday, 23 November 2014

Goldberry from Mithril

When I visited Alphaspel a while ago I found a large bargain bin full with Mithril figures from their JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth range. The sale is still on if this is your thing, all packs for between 30 and 40 SEK, which is a very good deal for the bigger packs.
I fell for M321 Goldberry, a beautiful model. I bought a couple of other packs you will see here on and off.
I see her as a useful civilian, be it in a fantasy, pulp or modern setting.
Paints used:
Skin – Vallejo 955 Flat Flesh, washed with Army Painter Soft Tone ink (Strong Tone around the eyes) and layered with 955 afterwards
Lips – Citadel Dwarf Flesh
Dress – Citadel Snot Green washed with Citadel Thraka Green Wash and drybrushed Citadel Scorpion Green.
Hair – Vallejo 822 German Camo Brown with a wash of AP Dark Tone

Flowers – Vallejo 948 Golden Yellow, washed with 937 Transparent Yellow and AP Soft Tone and finally a highlight of 928

Welcome follower Kris Marquardt with blog Wargames and Railroads, a nice mix of articles and what drew me in was the Old West stuff. He’s got a great comparison of different 28mm Old West buildings that are well worth a look if that’s your thing and a review of different MDF manufacturers. Much more to see. Recommended.
Magister 11 and J.R. Riedel are new Google+ followers.
If you have a blog, then put a link in the comments below so I can link to it.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Shadows of Brimstone – Stranglers

Six Stranglers in the Shadow of Brimstone – City of Ancients box. These are multi-part miniatures - body with two legs and one arm, separate arm, 2 separate tentacles and a tail. There are some mould-lines you have to scrape off, but nothing serious.
The fit is decent but you will get some gaps that needs filling.
 I used green stuff.
Paints used:
Skin – Citadel Vomit Brown washed with several coats of Citadel Washes Baal Red around maw and on tentacles and Army Painter Strong Tone ink on the rest of the body.
Maw – progressively darker Citadel Red Gore/Citadel Scab Red/Vallejo 859 Black Red
Teeth and claws – Vallejo 034 Bone White washed with AP Strong Tone
Varnished with Vallejo Matt Varnish, tentacles and maw-area (essentially everything red) got a coat of Vallejo Gloss Varnish.
I based these on 25mm transparent bases from Sally 4th instead of the original 30mm bases.
I’m very satisfied with the result, they look real icky and weren’t too time-consuming to do.

Next on the paint table will be the Night Terrors. I’m not too sure about those, not my favourites. See what I can do about them.
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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

28mm well

I just finished this well from Great Escape Games. A nice little terrain piece at £5, including a bucket and the rope. It will serve well in a wild west town or anywhere else for that matter.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Shadows of Brimstone – Void Spiders

There are 12 Void Spiders in the Shadows of Brimstone – City of Ancients box, making them one of the bulk monsters. I do like their enormous mouths, making them creepy and other-worldly. Not your usual spider, but something a bit special (and with six legs, they are obviously not true spiders anyway...)
Smile, you're on Candid Camera!
These are one-piece with some mould-lines to scratch off. Did that with a knife and really no problems there. The details on these minis are a bit vague, especially the corners of the mouth (where I had to do some free-hand painting), the sides and leg-joints.
Paints used:
Body – Six painted with Citadel Dheneb Stone and the other six with Citadel Codex Grey. Washed with Army Painter Dark Tone ink and drybrushed with Vallejo 171 Green Grey.
‘Feet’ – Black drybrushed with 171.
Mouth – Vallejo 944 Old Rose washed with AP Strong Tone.
Teeth – Vallejo 074 Bone White washed with AP Strong Tone and high-lighted with more Bone White.
I tried the Dheneb Stone with the first half, and that really didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. I painted the reminaing six grey, and it was better, but marginal... I’m not super exited of the result, but they are OK, I guess.

I used some of my Black Scorpion Wild West minis as stand ins for the Brimstone Crew in this action shot. No Void Spiders were hurt making this picture.
Next in the painting queue are the Stranglers or possibly the large Night Terrors. They will all need green-stuffing. Will take a couple of days, but I have some wild west terrain and maybe a figure or two nearly ready and pining for a post. 
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Friday, 14 November 2014

Airship Pirates kickstarter – last chance

This great kickstarter ends in a couple of hours, and now is the last chance to join. At the moment you’ll get 20 miniatures for CAN$ 40 (shipping included for US, Canada and EU!) and with a bit of luck they will reach the next stretch-goal unlocking another mini and also the Mechapede as an add-on.
At last, if this wasn’t enough, there is the Paranoia add-on – pledge $20 and buy for $30 from the RAFM webshop. You can chose between the RAFM-figures and also Reaper and Reaper Bones minis.

There are also some really nice already unlocked add-ons.
So, check the kickstarter, jump in and help me getting that mechapede unlocked. I wants it!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Shadows of Brimstone - Tentacles

The first group of monsters from my Brimstone boxes is finished – tentacles! My philosophy on the Brimstone minis is essentially to get it all painted in a relatively short time, so I’ll try to use simple paint schemes, washes and drybrushing. Nothing fancy, but I’ll try to make decent paintjobs.
To be able to start playing with my toys I will concentrate on one of the boxes to start with. City of the Ancients have most appealing monsters as a whole, in my opinion, so they go first.
You’ll find six tentacles in each of the boxes, so these were the perfect ‘monsters’ to begin with. I did all 12 of them in one go, to get an assembly line going. They are one-part but have rather disappointing mould-lines. I had to accentuate the folds in the hide and also carve out some of the suction cups as some of them started out as lumps more or less. Not too difficult though, and well worth the little extra effort.
Adventuring really sucks!
Paints used:
Skin – Formula P3 Traitor Green with an Army Painter Strong Tone wash and drybrushed with Vallejo 914 Green Ochre.
Suction cups were drybrushed Vallejo 944 Old Rose.
Rocks – 987 Medium Grey with Strong Tone wash.

Finally a group-shot of some of the monsters. As you can probably see there will be a lot of green-stuffing the next couple of weeks…
Next on the painting table will be the spider thingies.
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Friday, 31 October 2014

Unboxing Shadows of Brimstone

Yesterday it finally happened. The postman rang, and he had a huge box with him, weighting in at 28,2 pounds/12,8 kg. Sender: Flying Frog Productions. This is the first shipment of my Minecart level pledge from the Shadows of Brimstone kickstarter.
Let’s see what’s in there:
The box is nearly bursting
Two games and extra stuff - print, character cards and doubles on all the miniatures in both sets (the red sprues).
A signed print. Now hanging over my painting table.
Cards for the kickstarter exclusive character. Unfortunately the miniature will arrive in the next batch of stuff. But I have a lot of minis I can use instead.
I'll open this one first. That will give you an idea of how much stuff there is in just one box.
Sheets of double-sided map-tiles and assorted markers
The basic rulebook and the adventure book specifying the characters in this box, the Jargono world you can be transported to through gates in the mines and a whole lot of different scenarios.
Character cards...
...double sided, so you can play male or female characters. The alternate sculpts will come in the next shipment. Nun with a gun... :-)
Monster cards. Normal side...
...and brutal side.
Lots of cards...
Even more
Character sprue - a priest, a female rancher, a law-man and an indian scout.
Tentacles. At last...
Got 3 of these monster sprues. Zombies, slasher and  hellbats.
Harbinger, a gigantic demon.
Dice and bases
A soundtrack to get you in the mood. That was one box... 
Next box. Haven't opened it yet, but it's more of everything. A new world, new monsters, new heroes and cards to support it all. 
Final shipment in a year's time or so, and that one will dwarf this. There will be an insane amount of minis and different missions, worlds and other add-ons.

Do not disturb! I will be busy a couple of weeks :-)