Sunday, 11 October 2015

A quick statue

I rummaged around in my box of Reaper Bones figures from the Bones II kickstarter. Lots of useful figs and a couple less so.
One of the ones I thought I would never paint looked suitable for an alternative career, that of a statue.
This is Sir Conlan, Crusader Sergeant sculpted by Bobby Jackson. A true hero of the recent (or not so recent) wars and therefore worthy of a statue.

The ‘plinth’ is from a bottle of floating soap. A good find that really got me started on for this little project.
Painted with Vallejo Iraqui Sand, a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone ink and drybrushed with Iraqui Sand and Pale Sand.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Dust – Light Panzer Walker I-C ‘Hans’

The Dust kickstarter debacle put me off my Dust-models for a while, but now I’m in Dust Warfare-mode and have started painting again. These figs are such a joy to paint and that means you will see more Dust the rest of the year.
This is the German light scout walker ‘Hans’ armed with Granatenwerfer and Panzerfaust-werfer making it decent against both infantry and AFV:s.
Painted with Vallejo 995 German Grey and high-lighted with a drybrush of 992 Neutral Grey. Decals from Warlord and their Bolt Action range.
I read my friend Laffe’s blogpost on his Pz IV and how he simulated chipped paint. So, for the for the first time ever I ripped off a bit of packaging foam, dipped it in Citadel Chainmail and started dapping the edges. 
Not too bad a result if I may so, but it all looked a bit shiny so I gave the whole model a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone ink. Now it looks properly worn.

I might use some black pigments for the rocket exhaust tubes but the model is ready to face the evil SSU or Allies as he stands now.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

More priests from Reaper and Black Scorpion

The CSSS needs more recruits and these are the latest additions.
The gun-man is "Father Thomas the Vicar" from Reaper’s Chronoscope range (no 50081) and is sculpted by Tim Prow. I have not made a character of him yet in my Pulp Alley league, but he will probably be an ordinary grunt taking the place of one of the soldiers.
The man with a cross is from Black Scorpion Miniatures and their Tombstone Wild West range. He is one of five figs in the Tombstone 4 set and will serve in both the CSSS and in Dead Man’s Hand. In Pulp Alley he is named Padre Scuro and is an ally with the Blast ability, that is, he fires his shotgun placing a long blast template before him. That area counts as extremely perilous for the remainder of the round and should be a very efficient cultist-killer.

Padre Scuro was used in yesterday’s game in Soerabja Harbor. He was a bit nervous this time and didn’t perform overly well, but more on that in the AAR coming soon.

Welcome Katsuhiko JiNNai with The Realm of JiNNai. Lots of pulpy goodness, fantasy and more. Check it out.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

First games of Open Combat fantasy skirmish rules

I bought the Open Combat rules late last years and they sort of just laid there, un-played and forgotten. Then after the summer I dusted them off, read them through, got my son David to read them too and we finally got a game in.
Thankfully my camera ran out of battery-power half-way into the game…
The set-up. Heroes start on this side and the evil intruders start on the far side
The heroes defending their crypt
Lots of evil elven intruders. They should stay up in the sun and leave us be!
Our heroes. Rudely woken from their sleep.
Here we go. To defend what is rightfully ours
Cowards. Staying in formation and having a plan.
Things are looking good. We're in battle. What could possibly go wrong now?
Oops. That mummy was pushed back by a hailstorm of arrows. 
The battery gave up at this stage, and that was a good thing. 
The game is D6 based and it is a bad thing to roll 1:s in attacks. If you only roll 1:s the turn goes to the opposition. When you take a chance with a lousy one-dice-attack you have a one-in-six chance of loosing your turn. A two-dice-attack lowers the risk to one-in-36. 
It is not a good idea to loose your turn before most of your men has activated.
I rolled double ones two turns in a row... early...
I'm glad the camera didn't capture my crushing defeat.
(Okay, my son David played an excellent game also. But those double ones... they sealed my fate)

A couple of days later we got a four-ways game in at the club. Me, David, log time gaming buddy Thomas and Gunnar (of the Cult of Ra in our Pulp Alley Campaign at the club). Our intention was to test the rules as only David and I had played them at all earlier.
We all had one border edge to enter from and then the mayhem began. The objective was to be last man standing.
The set up. My courageous undead heroes enter from the left board edge. Evil Elves (David) from the near. Equally evil hill giant and his orc and goblin minions (Thomas) from the right edge. Rat men (Gunnar) from the far edge.
The elves and undead face off imediately.
While the hill giant and rat men harass each other.
Just one door-way between elves and undead. Lots of blows with little results. But my Wights use their intimidate ability to weaken the elves.
The elven-undead fracas goes on while some rat men advances towards the battle. The rat men gets attacked by the hill giant that proves to be a formidable opponent. His attacks forces the rat man leader out in the open where he gets pelted by elven arrows. Hehehehe
Just one narrow doorway...
Two orcs enter the fight from behind the elves. Bad news for them.
And most of the rat men joins the fracas. There is also that hill giant coming this way.
The elves gets wiped out (or rather they loose more than half their strength and the remainder flees the battle). Undead versus rat men now. My wights weakens the rat men so much that my soldiers make short work of them.  The remainder flees also.
Just the giant and his gang left to take care of. The giant himself takes the brunt of undead attacks and weakened by wight mind-tricks he succumbs and the final intruders flee.
It is once more quiet in the catacombs. The undead rests and this time there are more of them...
From these first games we felt that there is a bit of balancing issues in the game.
Archers (or rather missile troops) seem very powerful. Maybe because weren’t very strict with when a shot was possible or not. If we were stricter and disallowed shots for example crossing own miniatures bases then that could possibly be avoided.
The ability Intimidate, used by my wights, was extremely powerful. It could be less effective it was used as a missile weapon attack, that is, it could not be used into close combat and stricter rules on what could be targeted.
There is also quite a lot of book-keeping that might take something away from the game and some other issues.
Too soon to say if this is a game that we will play regularly or if Song of Blades and Heroes or Frostgrave will take its place. Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish is also there, at the horizon.
I guess we’ll need a couple of more games and we’re also looking forward to the new expanded rules-book coming soon.

We used the excellent cardstock terrain and gaming mat from the Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain kickstarter. Great as we could set it up in a couple of minutes, it easily covers a board and looks good also. It will be possible to buy it directly from Battle Systems in about a months time if you’re interested.

By the way, Battle Systems runs an Urban Apocalypse terrain kickstarter now. It looks very useful for your Mars Attacks/zombie/modern urban combat games. Well worth a look and it closes on October 19.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Soerabaja Harbour set up

I had a chance to set up the Soerabaja Harbour before yesterday’s game of Dux Brittaniarum at the club. Just to have it all in one place, look at it and take some pics. Enjoy.
I only used stuff I built myself on these pics.
When we play Pulp Alley on Wednesday we’ll also use a couple of buildings made by Gunnar, another club member, and the usual clutter of bits and bobs made by others.
A final remark by one of the club members: “That looks great. You know, we could use it for other games also. WWII…Holland… could you make a whole board of it?”

To be continued, I guess. 

Monday, 5 October 2015

Pulp wheels – a car from Perry and a truck from Baker Company

Even though Soerabaja Harbour is ready for action it doesn’t mean that there is no pulp-tings on my painting table. On the contrary it seems, as I got one or two things going.
At the moment there are a few half-finished fantasy figures there and I’m also very keen on continue to paint my Dust stuff – those models are just great fun to paint. Me and my mate Thomas is also very keen on starting to game Dust Warfare again. Also some more figures for the CSSS.
Anyway, here are the newest addition to the Pulp car-pool.
GAZ AAA truck from Baker Company.
This model comes from the Winter War Kickstarter by Baker Company and we finally received our final shipment of stuff a couple of months ago. This is one of the Russian GAZ AAA trucks in that shipment.
It’s a licence-built Ford AA with twin rear-wheels. Built from 1932 into the fifties making it suitable for WWII, Korea, Indochina and more. It also works well as a civilian truck for my Pulp Alley games.
The kit isn't the best out there. The resin parts are good but the metal less so. Rather crudely done unfortunately.
It is painted Vallejo 985 Hull Red drybrushed with 818 Red Leather.
Fiat 508 Militare Coloniale Staff Car from Perry Miniatures
Another military vehicle press-ganged into pulp-use. A decent resin and tin model, but I’m not super-excited about it.

Painted Vallejo 898 Dark Sea Blue and a drybrush of 964 Field Blue. Shading with Army Painter Dark Tone ink.
Finally a picture of the OM36 truck, now with the missing steering wheel added.