Friday, 24 October 2014

Adventurers from Blue Moon and some Mars Attacks!

I won a box of Blue Moon figures a year ago, and in my present pulp-fever I finally got them to the painting table. First up are the adventurers.
Paints used:
The female investigator
Shoes – Humbrol 62 Leather washed with Army Painter Strong Tone
Hat – Vallejo 989 Sky Grey
Skirt – 990 Light Grey
Coat – 991 Dark Sea Grey
All greys washed with AP Dark Tone
Scarf – Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red washed with Citadel Washes Baal Red
Male adventurer with rifle
Shoes – as above
Vest – 872 Chocholate Brown
Shirt – Iraqui Sand
Trousers – 977 Desert Yellow
Everything AP Strong Tone wash.
Male with Shotgun
Shirt – 912 Tan Yellow
Trousers – 874 Tan Earth
Boots – Formula P3 Bootstrap Leather
Braces – 872 Chocolate Brown
Washed with AP Strong Tone
Hair  941 Burnt Umber washed with AP Dark Tone
Female with torch
Trousers – 874 Tan Earth
Boots – P3 Bootstrap Leather
Washed with AP Strong Tone
Shirt – 975 Military Green
Hair – 940 Saddle Brown
Washed with AP Dark Tone
Male with torch
Shirt – 837 Pale Sand
Coat – 874 Tan Earth
Trousers – 977 Desert Yellow
Boots – P3 Bootstrap Leather
Washed with AP Strong Tone
Hair – 940 Saddle Brown washed with AP Dark Tone

Welcome follower Kevin Holland. If you have a blog, then put a link in the comments below so I can link to it.
Finally, Thomas and I spent Tuesday evening eating Asian food, drinking beer and playing Mars Attacks! Pic from the second game, where my human soldiers just wiped out the Martian menace. First game wasn’t as fun as my Martians were equally wiped out. Second time we play, and it’s a fast and fun game. We have only played the first scenario, and I think we’re getting the hang of things, but we need more games to hopefully not make too many screw-ups. Everything will probably work better when minis and terrain are properly painted - that means you, Thomas :-)

Friday, 17 October 2014

Dead Man’s Hand at Flemcon, more Kickstarters and a nice figure

This year we will stage two games on Saturday November 15 at Flemcon. As usual we will visit WWII, this year it will be the Continuation War in 1/100 scale and the rules will be Big Chain of Command.
I will spend my time at the Wild West table. Everyone is welcome to try to survive the brutal and deadly last man standing shoot out I’m preparing now. I will use the Dead Man’s Hand rules, somewhat modified. I’ll stage as many games as I can during the day, so if you’re in the vicinity of Stockholm I’d be glad to meet you there.
Now I’m building houses from 4Ground and you see my new ones here, in a game I’m having with my kids.
The setup will be something similar to this, but hopefully with a house or two more.
Do come over and say hi if you're there.

A couple more Kickstarters that has caught my eyes.
RAFM has another Kickstarter, Airship Pirates. Very affordable, as CAD 40 will get you a bunch of useful pulp figures. Postage included for EU, US and Canada. Ends on November 14.
Troll Outpost Fantasy Figures has a lot of just that. I do really like the Elf Huntress on Tiger. Also some nice dwarfs, demons and other stuff. Worth a look. You’ll have a good chance of getting these minis in time for Christmas and postage is limited to £4 or 5. Ends November 2.

Finally, I got an envelope from Canada yesterday. In it was a painted figure (from Pulp Figures) I won in a give-away at Mad Padre’s. Thanks a lot, Michael! It will see action in Pulp Alley games. Well timed, considering my renewed pulp interest.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Kickstart your autumn

Here autumn has really set in. Leafs are turning yellow, red and brown, it’s raining and getting rather cold outside.
There is a serious risk of depression, and a sure way to battle that is, off course, to invest in your hobby. I’ve recently bought rules, terrain and a couple of minis, and those are on the painting table (well, obviously not the rules) and you will see more on that on this blog. Depression is a long way off for me.
Another sort of investment is a jolly good Kickstarter, and there are a couple of interesting ones out there.
Twisting Catacombs – gorgeous resin terrain for your dungeon or town. I’m very tempted by this one, and will probably fall for it. It has broken a lot of stretch goals, and there are more than 80 different scenery elements to choose from. Highly recommended. Ends on November 2.
Basius 2 – giant moulds you can use to stamp your own scenic bases, each one unique. They’ve got close to 20 themed, double-sided moulds, so you could really customize your bases for all your factions. Elven, dwarven, steam-punk, industrialized, Victorian, Norse (!) and more. Good concept, and well worth a look. Look with friends, and dive in together… (Yes, I’m still thinking about it, Laffe). Ends October 26.
Harwood Hobbies is releasing a small range of pulp, zombie, horror and fantasy figures that are really good looking. I’m tempted by the Sinbad-themed figures (above) and the hazmat team
You’ve also got the chance to add some of the company’s earlier models at a good discount.
Check it out, you have until November 7.
Afterlife – The Shards of Liberty. Science fiction – drones, futuristic looking warriors, gun tractors. I really like the warriors in what looks like hexagonal active armour plates.
They are just half-funded at the moment, and you have until October 26 to check it out.
Strange Aeons – Cthulhu rules and miniatures. I like the Innsmouth monsters and cult figures. Really like. Ends November 2.

Well now, if you feel depression creeping up on you, then you will at least have some eye-candy to feast on. Or minis to look forward to.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Corporate Babes from Copplestone

These femmes fatales come from Copplestone Castings and their Corporate Babes II pack from the Future Wars range. There are five in the set. The other two are still in the tin-mountain, one is sword armed and the other fires a SMG. They will all serve in Pulp Alley.
The coat is Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red with a wash of Citadel Washes Baal Red. Hair is Vallejo 822 German Camo Black Brown with a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone.
The top is Citadel Foundation Macharius Solar Orange, washed with Army Painter Strong Tone and layered with several thin coatings of orange. Hair is 837 Pale Sand, Strong Tone wash and drybrushed with more Pale Sand.

Coat Citadel Foundation Hormagaunt Purple with Citadel Washes Leviathan Purple. Hair Vallejo 874 Tan Earth with Strong Tone wash and drybrushed with Tan Earth.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Pulp statues

If I want to play pulp games I need appropriate scenery. On my to-do list is quick-sand, marches, cliffs, statues etc. 
A couple of statues could be done relatively easily. I found a little bronze-statuette I bought in India when I worked there 20 years ago. It had been in a cupboard for most of that time, so no-one would miss it in its present form. A visit to a flea-market got me two other tourist-trap items for next to nothing.
The souvenirs in all their tourist trap glory
I painted them with a household paint (Flügger Egg Dream) rather similar to Vallejo’s Iraqui Sand. When they were fully dry I washed them with different washes and all were drybrushed with Egg Dream.
The sphinx was washed with Army Painter Strong Tone
This one Army Painter Soft Tone
The Indian god got a coat of Citadel Washes Ogryn Flesh.
The end results were quite different thanks to the different washes. A fast project giving a couple of useful terrain pieces.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Professor Beattie from Hasslefree

I just bought the Pulp Alley skirmish-rules (got them from Statuesque Miniatures in UK) and was fully hooked. Easy to learn and they seem fast paced and fun. What I find really positive is that they could be used for the thirties, modern or SF, as well as fantasy, horror and more. A really versatile set of rules that will see a lot of use in the future. For a good introduction listen to Meeples and Miniatures episode 132, and also see the battle reports on the same blog.
I checked my tin-mountain and found a couple of unpainted pulp-figures that were immediately put on the painting table.
The first finished one is Professor Beattie, sculpted by Warren Beattie, and from Hasslefree Miniatures. A great mini that paints up fast with a very limited palette.
The base comes from Sally 4th and their Terra Bases range. I found these the other day and bought a couple of bags of 25mm bases. I have decided to at least base my pulp-figures on clear bases, as I expect to use those figures on a variety of scenery, from indoors to desert and jungle. With clear bases you don’t get green-flocked bases in cities and such annoying miss-matches. I might go for these fully, we’ll see.

It’s fun to re-visit a ‘period’.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

BEF – A9 and A10 from SHQ

These tanks are the latest addition to my now growing force of BEF vehicles. I bought them years ago, and they got totally wrong colours then. A bath in acetone made short work of the paint (and super glue).
The kits are of descent quality. It's quite a lot of work to get them presentable, and there are some prominent mould missmatches and partly destroyed moulds making for less than perfect detail. 
Painted as my other BEF-vehicles; camouflage Dark Green G4 and Khaki Green G3 from DOA. Tracks Vallejo Panzer Aces 304 drybrushed with Vallejo 865 Oily Steel. Rubber GW Black. Everything washed with a dilute wash of Army Painter Quickshade Dark Tone.

Decals from ‘BEF – set 2 AFVs’ from Dan Taylor, and ‘UK – Tactical Markings UK-4’ from Aleran Miniatures.
A dusting with pigments to make them a bit dirty.