Friday, 6 May 2016

Bears from Reaper and Northstar

I needed a bear for Frostgrave and rather hurriedly ordered one from Northstar. It arrived in the post just as I found another one, from Reaper Bones, in the plastics mountain. Typical…
One of the great things with an extensive tin- and plastics-mountain is all the cool minis you have there and those minis are often useful when you find out that you really need a x for the game next week. The downside is to remember that you actually have a x in that mountain… So, now I have to bears.
An angry bear from Northstar
The Northstar one was a bit of a disappointment as it was full of mould-lines and needed a lot of work to be presentable. The pose is okay though, and it turned out well in the end.

Reaper bear. I rebased it to a bigger 30mm base after these photos were taken.
The Reaper bear, sculpted by Julie Guthrie and from the Reaper Bones 77216 Companion Animals set, is a much cleaner sculpt and gives you a smaller but more detailed beast. This one is my favourite of the two, but I guess both will be used in our Frostgrave campaign.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

More from Ziterdes - the Monastery Ruins “Ruan”.

This piece is delivered pre-painted and pre-flocked and I would really prefer it to be both without the greyish brown paintjob and especially the static grass. No real problem removing the grass with warm water and a stiff brush, but it was extra job and probably made the product a bit more expensive.
The ruin from the box. The colour and static grass didn't suit my uses for it, though.
Anyway, it’s easy to finish with base-colour and two drybrushes. I pimped it with a couple of dead bushes from rubberised horsehair and that’s about it.

It is a big piece, as can be seen with this 28mm fig from Otherworld.
It's a great piece of terrain and certainly well worth its price. Recommended!
Ready for today’s game of Frostgrave.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Nellie and female zombies from Zombicide: Black Plague

Another hero finished, this time Nelly. 
As usual I tried to paint her true to the illustrations, to be able to identify her easily on the gaming board.
Another five zombies done also, this time some of the females.

I’m slowly getting everything in the box painted, hopefully before the rest of the kickstarter-stuff arrives.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Kickstarter Watch – Blood and Plunder

Pirates – what’s not to like (when we’re talking miniatures and games, that is)?
The Blood & Plunder kickstarter is all about classical pirates doing their thing in the Caribbean. You will see British buccaneers and militia battling Spanish Guarda Costa and militia on ships and/or land. Yes, on ships, which there are several variants available.
The rules for this 17th century, 28mm skirmish (13 to 50 models) game cover both land, naval and amphibious combat and that is what makes it so interesting, in my opinion. You can have your ships shoot it out and then have some boarding action.
I’m very tempted, but… another period…. Aaargh!
Anyway, I already have a pirate ship, so I’m halfway there already…
Check it out if pirates are your thing. (You know they are...)

There are a lot of intereresting kickstarters out there at the moment. Expect to find out about some of them here.

All photos and illustrations © Firelock Games and used with permission.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Pulp Alley – Perilous Island Campaign – Another Blood Sacrifice or A Picnic with Great Gonga’s Little Sister

We are nearing the final adventures of the campaign, but before we enter the Forbidden City there was another call for heroes, as a princess had been abducted. As we feared, another evil witch-doctor had her in his clutches and intended to sacrifice her to Great Gonga’s Little Sister.
Monsignore still shudders at the memories of the fight with the Great Gonga, but a little sister couldn’t possibly be as bad, and he takes courage in his faith and sallies forth. To glory and the eternal friendship of the local savages!
Crap, the CSSS is not alone in their want for glory. 
Let the fight begin. 
The heroes are here again, the CSSS - Corpo di Spedizione Santa Sede.
This time we have support from another soldier (a level 1 shooter)  that felt he needed action and Soura Maledetta, a very upset close combat speialist (counts as a level 2 Animal) that seeks converts...
Die Unabhängige Phrenologen
The Belgian League
We were fortunate as the Cult of Ra was off on another part of the island, probably sacrificing virgins or some such nonsense.
Plot points: The Princess/Sacrifice in the middle, Witch Doctor to the left of her (the warriors around him signifies the perilous area around him) and three ordinary plot points.
The CSSS enters from the closest edge, Belgians from the back edge and Phrenlogist from the right.
The heroes advances rather cautiously and fires of a burst on a couple of bunched-up Phrenologists. Unfortunately none of them falls, just yet.
But as one of them does as soon as he activates. Herr Doctor takes a shot at one of my soldiers and hits him twice.
That should be no problems, as I wear the Skull Ring (a reward I got from David Phipps & Daughter/Pulp Alley for posting 10+ AARs last year)  to help me in  situations like these. I just have to roll 4+ on both dice.
And I roll this!
How is that possible when I'm equipped like this.
Dave - can you explain this?  I want a refund!
The result - a fallen hero (I blame that Skull Ring. I cannot possibly be working the way it should.)
A new turn and the Belgians advances and picks up a plot point.
Good, we're about to see some Belgian vs Phrenologist action here, it seems. Great to have them occupied with something not CSSS. 
Monsignore also gets a plot point while Soura Innocenza and a soldier advances towards the captured princess while the rest of the gang engages the nazis.
The Phrenologist also picks up a plot point, and we have one each.
A new turn and my fallen soldier gets up and into the fight again.
The Prenologists starts the turn by felling Soura Maledetta
Followed by Sister Sigrid shooting the poor soldier to pieces. The two remaining heroes legs it towards Monsignore.
Unfortunately both fallen heroes are gone for good when we check for survival at end-turn
A new turn sees Soura and a soldier by the princess but the soldier, used as a human shield to protect Soura, falls to gun-fire from the Belgian side.
The Witch Doctor starts to scream and chant and the soldiers around him looks very menacing. We all stay out of the way, as madmen are just a tad annoying.
Now, this is not fair. Two against one. Anyway, Soura is an excellent fighter and holds her own. Winning the fight she retreats with the Princess that she has unbound.
Retribution comes in the form of a dubbel barrel of hot lead. Two Belgians manages to duck but a hapless ally halfway behing the obelisk isn't that lucky and takes the full blast in the chest.
More shots are fired and the pair in the middle gets some serious damage. The CSSS advances to protect Soura.
It is time to meet
Great Gonga’s Little Sister

It's end of turn and the mad Witch Doctor screams in triumph as Gongette arrives.  She looks mighty scary for a little sister.
Thankfully she's far from my heroes.
Some wounds are removed and the man behing the obelisk stills the blood flowing from his wounds and stands up. Bad mistake that.
All hell breaks loose as Miss Mayhem attacks Soura followed by another double barrel at the Belgion leader and the poor chap behind the obelisk. He falls again and considering what will soon happen there I think he is grateful for that.
The belgians throws a well-aimed stick of dynamite at the bunched up Phrenologist. 
Gunfire into the melee and more close combat is too much for Soura who falls. The princess is now unclaimed. The Belgian leader falls to gun-fire.
Monsignore avenges Soura with a well placed shot.
It's time for Gongette and she might be a little sister, but she is no push-over, that's for sure. She starts by attacking the Belgians...
... and as they are real cry-babies they fall before her and she continues with the tasty nazis.

SIster Sigrid is really lucky and surves. She runs away, screaming.
A new turn and the fallen Belgians all decide that enough is enough. They all play dead and are out of the match.
Things are looking a bit better on my front as Soura shakes off her damage and engages Miss Mayhem again.
The remainder of the CSSS piles into the fight or try to persuade the princess to join our cause. All except the shotgun wielding Padre Scuro who rushes toward Gongette, shouting "Come on you ugly excuse for a monster, you want a piece of me?". He shows that a man of God is something to fear as he once again unloads his two barrels, this time against the monster. As a bonus he wounds Herr Doctor who is fully occupied with fighting Gongette.
Monsters and shotguns are just to much for the wounded Phrenologist and he shouts "Lets Blitzkrieg somewhere else" and runs away as the coward he is. Sister Sigrid, crying like a baby, follow her leaders shameful example.
Soura falls again in the fight around the princess, while Padre Scuro have second thoughts about the health aspects of attacking the little sister of the monster that nearly obliterated the CSSS just a few weeks ago. Gongette slowly turns her tentacles towards the tasty treat and attacks.
Padre Scuro not only survives the attacks of the monstrosity, he is also able to retreat from the fight. Surely Divine Intervention (and it's about time!)
With that the game is over and everyone legs it. Everyone except the princess...
Another fun game of Pulp Alley and we had no losses to the big monster. That's a first...
Every league got one Plot Point, very fair that, and next adventure will take us to, and hopfully through, the gates of the Forbidden City.