Thursday, 25 April 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Blight terrain, towns and a great stl-collection

We’ll start under-ground this time. Mystic Realms did a corrupted forest kickstarter a year ago, where they had the most wonderful corrupted trees files. I got those, printed some of them and they’ve stood on the painting table for a couple of months. Absolutely gorgeous. I’ll have to paint them up, just to show you the quality of what Mystic Realms do. Expect to see that soon.
This kickstarter go below ground in the corrupted forest, and explore where the equally corrupted roots leads, and what they spawn.
We’ll travel into the forgotten halls and passages below the forest. Among roots that infest everything and even spawn monstrous blight root creatures.
It all looks great and twisted, and will make beautiful dungeons for your adventurers to explore.
My favourites are the blight root and corrupted creatures.
This campaign runs until May 20 2019

Let’s leave the dank under-ground and move to town. Specifically a fantasy inspired medieval town.
The pledges will give you between one and six buildings, and stretch goals if you went for all six. There are residential houses, a windmill, a merchant, blacksmith and mill. Also a mine entrance.
There are already some unlocked stretch goals, and one especially useful - an outhouse. You can never have to many outhouses!
Great looking all, and my favourite is, without a doubt, the merchant. Fantastic! I really like that one.
Niiice! You can put in transparent plastic foil as glass.
Check this out before the campaign ends on May 24 2019.

We stay in town, and move to another part of it. A part that is in the middle of a war.
Here you’ll get files for both scatter terrain, whole and damaged buildings. The buildings seem is modular, so you should be able to replace an upper floor with a damaged one if that is needed in-game.
It all looks really useable and will easily give you a whole town to fight in.
My favourite is the raised well, that would look great in a city centre.
Check this out May 12 at the latest.

Finally something not really crowdfunding in the usual sense. This is an opportunity to get your hands on a bunch of files from several different companies. You can pay $1 a get a small bundle, or pay $7 or $15 to get even more.
It’s an excellent chance to try out Dragonlock, which is a system of building modular dungeons. 
You will also find some excellent terrain-pieces from Iain Lovecraft, Black Scrolls Games and Hobgoblin 3D. Top that off with a selection of monsters, and you have enough files to feed your printer for a long time.
I supported this on the highest level, and I’m really satisfied with what I got. Lots of it will hit the printer soon. 
My favourites are the Jungle City Pyramids.
This bundle is available until May 1 2019.

This is a re-launch that I described in an earlier post and runs until May 5 2019.

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All photos, renders and illustrations © Mystic.Realm, Black Scrolls Games, Dennis Montera, Hobgoblin 3D, Fat Dragon Games, Iain Lovecraft and Mark Mondragon respectively and used with permission.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

3D-Printing Review: Comms Dish from M3Studios

I got review pre-release files for this Comms Dish from M3 Studios latest Kickstarter: Hangar and Bulwark - Wargaming & Skirmish Printable Terrain.
It’s a rather huge beast, but I printed it in 60% scale as I wanted to use it in pulp games and maybe 7TV and something a bit smaller would suit me better. I think I see a secret beam-weapon here.
Everything is printed with 0.10 mm layer height and no supports. Total print time was around 8.5 hours and 33 grams of filament was used.
It turned out absolutely great, if I may say so. Detailing is very sharp, even on this reduced scale.
The only thing that didn’t look great was the cables between the generator and the base. When I removed the generator and cables piece the cable broke away, probably because of the reduced scale. It also looks a bit strange, which is probably due to this being pre-release and I got the files before M3Studios had printed these parts (except the dish). So I expect this to be rectified on release.
All in all, I’m very happy with this. A useful scenery-piece, great detailing and everything fits together really well.
Do check out the kickstarter if this looks interesting, as there are lots of other very nice stuff in it. You can read about it in this Crowdfunding watch article. It ends on May 4 2019.
Also, take the opportunity to download a free model of a sandbag emplacement.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

3D-Printing Review: Roadside Sandwich Shop from LOOT Games

I had some contact with Loot Games when they ran their Sci-fi/PostApocalyptic 3d printable playsets for wargames kickstarter in March. They kindly sent files for their Road-Side Sandwich Shop for a review, but my printer was out at the moment, and when I had fixed it the campaign was over.
Now they have revisited the old campaign in a new kickstarter and that was a great reason to make a review of the shop.
I printed it on my Prusa i3 MK3 with PLA filament. Sliced with Slic3er Prusa Edition. Layer height 0.10 mm, which is preferable if you want reasonably smooth walls. Print time was 3,5 hours for the pillar, 25 hours for the house body and 21 hours for the ceiling. If your fine with rougher walls you could go for 0.2 mm, which will halve the printing time. 0.05 or 0.07 would probably give even smoother walls but printing-time will obviously be longer. The construction weigh about 270 grams.
I does look a little too big for my minis, so if I make another one I'll probably print it in 80% scale or so.
I will use the shop in our upcoming zombie-games of Hjärnor, and as that is set in Sweden in the 80’s I wanted the shop to look pre-apocalypse (or rather in-the-beginning-of-the-apocalypse), that is, not a wreck and without the big sign on the roof (I will probably design one of my own). My idea is a local burger-shop, a bit run-down. We had a chain of burger joints called Clock in the 70s and 80s, that fit the bill rather well, and a quick Google-check turned out a few useful menues and stuff.
I do need some suitable furniture for it. Faux leather sofas, plastic chairs and easy to wipe tables...
This is a great little shop that is unique in the way it looks. I really like it and the print turned out great. What’s not to like?
Pic of the shop and sign from the kickstarter, printed with 0.2mm layer height. © LOOTgames and used with permisson.
If you’re interested in this building you can pledge for it in the new kickstarter, as just the building or as part of a bundle. Check it out before it ends on April 23 2019.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

3D-printed Barracks from 3D-Print-Terrain

Less than a week left before Gothcon, and we’re working furiously to finish terrain and soldiers for our Storm over Haag Chain of Command game.
I'm working with houses and canals.
Here are two barracks from 3D-Print-Terrain and their World at War part II kickstarter, which you can still get at Jens’ webshop.
Several barracks were under construction at the Ypenburg Airport when Germany invaded in May 1940. These two are erected, and one isn’t quite finished yet, as the paint is still wet.
These Commander Barracks were printed with 130% size, 0.15mm layer height on my Prusa i3 MK3. Printing time around 20 hours for each body and slightly less for the roofs.
I had to fix the chimneys as they ended quite abruptly in a flat surface, but that was easily fixed with some green-stuff and a piece of plastic tube.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Lots of dragons but only if you hurry!

A short extra Crowdfunding Watch. Note: This kickstarter will end in less than 24 hours!
I found this a couple of days ago and just got an okay to use renders from the kickstarter.
This is all about dragons. You can get them as physical models or stl-files. The latter is what this post is all about. 
If I understand correctly you will get files for 7 dragons, with alternate heads, if you pledge for the stl-files. These are not of the smaller kind, but fully grown monsters.
On top of that you’ll get scenic bases, breath weapons and more.
My favourite of the dragons is the Kuxcoatl, a fantastic and quite different creature. But everything looks just great.
Now you have to hurry, as the kickstarter ends in less than 24 hours.

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All renders and illustrations © Draco Studios and used with permission.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Orcs, dwarves, Hell and two Sci-Fi futures with Pulp possibilities

A diverse crop this time, with both figures, buildings and scatter terrain.

This time we start with a green nightmare. Well, a nightmare if you’re in their way and not green.
This campaign will give you orcs. Lots and lots of orcs. Possibly enough orcs to make any warlord happy. Time is really the only thing to stop you printing different orc versions (and possibly sanity, but that is another issue…).
They are modular, comprising heads, torsos, left and right arms, legs and bits. On top of that you can even have some boar-riders. Actually, I guess the orcs are on top of that. The boars, that is.
My favourites are those boar-riders. They are looking fearsome.
If you like to paint everything green, then this is a kickstarter for you, and you should check it out on May 2 2019 at the latest.

If you’re allergic to green then it could be a good thing to travel to this place, or preferably to this kickstarter, as it is all about our more red-tinted friends from Hell.
Here you can have stl-files for either the denizens of hell or scenic memorabilia of the place.
The miniatures are all of the kind you don’t want to meet in a dark alley, and they do look suitably scary.
The terrain-pieces look just as unsettling, with skulls, chains, portals and more.
Great looking stuff, all, and I particularly like the terrain-pieces, where my favourites are the chained pillars. They look as if they would like to escape their chains and… well, do whatever hellish pillars do when they are set free.
I’ve got some review-files from this kickstarter that I intend to print as fast as possible and show you in a review before this Kickstarter ends.
Check it out before May 4 2019.

From a green or red hell to a bright and brilliant future.
In this campaign you’re presented with buildings and equipment very suitable for any Sci-Fi setting, but I also think they would look great in, say, a 7TV-setting as part of the evil arch-villains secret base. They could even look good in a Pulp-game.
There’s a great looking hangar, some bunkers, stationary weapons and machinery, scatter scenery and more.
My favourites are the hangar and comms dish, as I see use for them in my Pulp games.
As luck would have it I got some review files, and as I write this one piece is printing away. A post on that as soon as it is ready and painted.
Great stuff well worth a look, but do it before the kickstarter ends on May 4 2019.

If you need a big tank to put in your hangar, then you might find a plastic one, or several, here. But that’s not what I will cover, because there are also stl-files as parts of this kickstarter.
You will find files for different stackable modular building-types. There are two styles, stucco and masonry, with an accessory kit to give them theme, be it WWII/Weird Wars, Contemporary and Sci-Fi with a Blade Runner feel.
What is shown looks really interesting and is well worth a look. You should be able to build all sorts of cool-looking buildings for a variety of periods.
My favourites are everything shown, actually. Super stuff.
Absolutely worth a look, and do it before the kickstarter ends on April 7 2019.

Those orcs from the Green Horde needs something to stop them. That something is usually dwarves, and this is a dwarven kickstarter.
You can buy metal dwarves here, but my interest is in what they will defend, as that can be delivered as stl-files.
You will essentially get palisades with wooden towers and a round stone tower. Everything looks really useful and will probably be needed if the sturdy dwarves will have any chance against the horde.
Hard to name a favourite here, as you need everything to make a decent fort, but let's say everything but the stone tower. Mainly because I got so many towers already.
This kickstarter ends on May 9 2019 and you should check it out before then.

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All photos, renders and illustrations © William Charles Chamberlin, Printed Obsession and M3Studios respectively and used with permission.