Friday, 22 May 2020

Aerosan OSGA 6

More stuff for Whiteout, this time 2 Aerosans from Baker Company.
In Whiteout you can have Sno-Cats as equipment or find them as terrain-encounters. My take on the game is more pre-WWII Pulp, so I was after something else. These Aerosans looked just right.
The Aerosans were used during WWII by the Soviets, and captured ones by the Finns and Germans.
The kit, especially the metal parts, are not the best, and I changed the tin-rods for plastic ones to get a more stable and rugged model. The rig for the motor isn’t very like the real part, but this being pulp I just didn’t bother to convert it more than I did.
We’re in the Arctic, and I already got some Winter War Russians painted, so my baddies in Whiteout will be Russians. I painted the aerosans to work here as well as in WWII-winter conditions.

Finally I 3D-printed a hatch for when I need an unarmed vehicle. It’s hatch + plug so I can just drop it in place when needed.
They were this week’s painting challenge.


  1. Cool models (heh!) and nicely painted and weathered!

    1. :-D
      Practiced chipping and it turned out quite well on the skis.

  2. Those are really cool looking vehicles. Especially for pulp/spy type games.

    1. They do have their place in such games. You could imagine James Bond pursued by these two