Tuesday, 14 November 2017

A couple of minis from Oathsworn, Blue Moon and RAFM

A varied bunch of figures this time.
First we have a pregnant woman from Oathsworn Miniatures. This is such a nice mini, and she can be used in everything from a fantasy setting, to pulp, to modern and SF.
Next a butcher from Blue Moon and their Slice of Americana box. A good background figure in a 1930’s pulp or gangster game.
Finally an knife-armed cultist from RAFM. It will come in handy in our Pulp Alley campaign as it is inevitable that it ends up in Egypt sooner or later. 
Welcome new Google+ follower Mystic-Realm, makers of terrain both classic and in the form of .stl-files, and Adam Fletcher of HexT 3D-printable modular terrain. Hope you find something of interest.

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