Wednesday, 14 February 2018

An old lady from Blue Moon (and a bonus assassin)

I still got quite a few unpainted minis in the Slice of Americana box from Blue Moon.
This one is just finished and it’s fantastic little mini, so full of character.
She’ll be great as a bystander in a game of Pulp Alley.
I need some assassin-types for Pulp Alley, already have a couple painted but need more. This GCC Agent from Mercs: Recon had to do. An extremely fast paintjob to have a figure if needed. Nothing much to brag about, but he will be able to do his nefarious deeds.


  1. I like the little old lady but apart from basecoating the assassin is there anything else you've done with him?

    1. Nothing much, a couple of different layers of drybrushing and detailing what little of the face there is.
      Just put him here for completion