Monday, 23 July 2018

Brimstone – Custodians of Targa and Targa Plateau Pylons

Some Shadows of Brimstone stuff I’ve finished. I’m sort of concentrating on stuff for Targa and Jargono, as I’ve already got some monsters from these. That is not to say I won’t paint anything else, you know me…
These models are from the Custodians of Targa Enemy Pack.
The ususal 28mm figure to get a sense of size.
The Custodians are interesting figures and easy to paint. I can see them used in a pulp setting, too. 
The pylons were as easy and will replace the cardboard pieces you got in the starter box.
I'm sensing a game of Shadows of Brimstone coming up soon.


  1. Look smashing Joakim, going to scurry off to find out about Shadows of Brimstone now :-)

    1. It's a game with a very nice theme (wild west, gates, Cthulhuid monsters), the rules are okay, but not great.
      Rules-wise I would suggest skipping counting experience points as that really slows everything down. Just let the heroes level up once per successful adventure or something like that.
      Models are a varied bunch. All come on sprues (!) so you need to glue them, often green-stuff them and paint.
      I enjoy the game, but the producers,Flying Frog Productions, have proved to be an unprofessional lot in dealing with their customers.
      Well, I like the game, have lots and lots of stuff to put together and play with ... but I will NEVER buy anything more from FFP.