Sunday, 27 February 2011

Platoon Forward

Are you alone? No one to play with? Or no one who wants to play as often as you do?
Then Platoon Forward, from Too Fat Lardies, might be something for you.
Platoon Forward is a campaign system for solo gaming and can be used with TW&T, IABSM and Chain of Command (forthcoming WWII rules that the group is play-testing) and other rules too. Suitable for WWII and other conflicts from the thirties and forward until Vietnam or so.
I bought the rules the other day, I’ve read them trough and they seem interesting and very useable.

A short summary:
- You handle the leaders of a platoon, from platoon-leader and down to squad-leader, in a role-playing light version. They will have abilities that influences how they behave in battle and between missions.
- The rules handle the missions, making them varied and unanticipated.
-Some things happen between missions, for example interaction with NPC:s, unforeseen happenings in the platoon etc.

My first impression is very favourable, and I will certainly try the rules. It will probably be the adventures of a German platoon I France 1940.

Price: £7 for a 56 pages long PDF. Well worth the money.

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