Thursday, 10 March 2011

More bocage

I had a bocage-building spree before last week-ends’ game, and this time I used hamster bedding as leaves.
I bought hamster bedding, that is wood shavings, in the local pet-shop. Far too much bedding, I might add, as you won’t need all that much. I mixed bedding, water and olive-green textile pigment in a steel bucket and let it stand for two days, mixing now and then. I let surplus water drip off and tipped the bedding onto a couple of newspapers, to let it dry a couple of days, until dry.
I followed the instruction in the article in Battlegames. Result: Epic Fail! The shavings were far to big, which I should have been able to figure out immediately. Into the waste basket.
The box with enormous leaves moved to the kitchen and food processor (Note: No wife should be present at this stage. That is also applicable to girlfriends/mothers etc). After some experimentation the “leaves” were in a decent size.
Lots and lots of leaves!

Next try was also according to the article. I dipped some rubberized horse-hair in diluted green paint, and dipped that into the hamster bedding. That went directly to the waste basket.
A new try, now I brushed diluted white glue onto the horse-hair and dipped it in bedding.

After that the assembly line started, and I got 15 lengths of bocage, sprayed with GW Purity Seal to fix the greenery.
They looked great on the gaming table and effectively stopped my American armour and infantry.
I will make much more bocage in the future, including sections flattened by tanks or blown up, gates, sections with trees etc.

My prior adventures here.

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