Thursday, 16 June 2011


I’m a huge consumer of the written word.
The amount of books that pass my hand (or eyes…) is, well, let’s just say the bookshops loves me.
But books aren’t everything, there are magazines, booth printed and in PDF-form. I’ve got a couple of miniatures-related printed magazines in the post now and then, but it doesn’t have to end there.
The web is full of magazines for free, magazines that are really good.
Heres a selection of nice ones:

A monthly magazine about figure painting. Some news, some commercials and many articles about painting. Recommended!

A magazine about SF- and fantasy-games. They tried the printed way, failed, and are now web-based and free.
Figures, painting, terrain, rules and more. Really worth reading!

An American society playing mainly historical miniatures games. They publish this little magazine, filled with battle-reports, reviews and musings. Really enjoyable, and as a long-time gamer I feel really nostalgic when their veterans look back on board-games such as Starship Troopers, Squad Leader and mega-games with thousands of small cardboard counters… (wiping a tear out of the corner of my eye)

A quarterly magazine about wargames, role playing games, terrain building and more. Many really, really good articles.

For all these the rule is to down-load them all now, because you never know how long they’ll live. Unfortunately many nice magazines are dead, like Fictional Reality, Harbinger and Wargames Painting & Modelling.
I was smart and down-loaded them in time.

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