Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Spanish Civil War

I went through some old pictures and found a couple that might be of interest. All comes from a business trip to Spain a year ago. I visited Seville and found a military museum. I can't seem to find the maps, but it was in the eastern part of town.
The building where the museum is situated

I'm interested in the Spanish civil war, and found some interesting exhibits

Russian 45mm L44

A German Pak 36 
A Maxim MG
A French Hotchkiss MG
And now for something completely different - a diorama of the conquest of Seville in 1248. Would be nice to use in a wargame.

A nice, if small, museum. Worth a visit if you're in Seville, are interested in Spanish military history and have an hour to spend. But all texts are in Spanish.

I checked some more (was to late yesterday) and the museum is called Museo Militar and you will find it in Plaza de España.

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