Monday, 26 December 2011

Battlegames issue 27!

During the autumn we got the unfortunate news that the excellent magazine Battlegames was dying. As this is my absolute favourite printed magazine that was very sad news indeed.
I bought one of the earlier issues a couple of years ago, and wasn’t terribly impressed with it. But after a very nice interview with the editor Henry Hyde in the Meeples & Miniatures podcast I gave it a new try, and was fully hooked. It is very good. It is usually full of articles that interest me, and then there are the other ones. The ones where I look at the heading and think- nah, not for me. But I often end up reading them anyway and are usually pleasantly surprised. So, it is a very nice magazine. I have since bought every issue.
So, anyway, Henry announced a while ago that Battlegames was saved! There was much rejoicing in Mälarhöjden. Atlantic Publishers would take over and the Battlegames would still look the same, feel the same and still have Henry as editor. Good!
Anyway, on the 22nd I got issue 27, the first under new management, and it was, as usual, a very good issue. A very informative article by Rich Clarke, from Too Fat Lardies, on his new I Ain’t Been Shot Mum WWII-rules, describing a scenario and the thinking behind it. Diane Sutherland describes a new terrain-building project, Lee Clapham has an article on painting 1/72 plastics and there is very interesting article on wargaming when you’re blind – fascinating! Neil Shuck, Mr. Meeples & Miniatures, is the new Forward Observer, i.e. presenting the news in the hobby. That is just the articles I have read so far, and there is a bunch more, to be read in the next couple of days.
So, with that I just want to say – go buy an issue now! Or even better, subscribe. This is a magazine we want to live on, it is just that good. It is “The spirit of wargaming”.

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