Saturday, 7 April 2012

Rust Monsters from Otherworld

More 28mm goodies from Otherworld, this time rust monsters sculpted by John Pickford. They come two to a pack and are numbered DM18.
They come in four pieces each, and need a bit green stuff where the tail meets the body.
I painted their undersides with Vallejo 912 Tan yellow and the rest of the body Humbrol 113 Rust. Beak and claws Vallejo Game Colour Bone White.
Everything got a painted on coat of Army Painter Strong Tone Dip, followed by a matte coating. That didn’t really give any effect to talk of, so I followed with drybrushing with 912 Tan Yellow close to the stomach and 819 on the rest of the body. Also followed with a black wash, topped with another coat of matte varnish.

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