Monday, 18 June 2012

German 20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun from Zvezda in 1/72

I have had this kit in the plastic mountain for a couple of months, and I felt it was time to invest some effort into my 20mm armies.
This kit is from Zvezdas’ Art of Tactic game. I’m not really familiar with the game, but the figures are really useful. They have infantry and artillery in 1/72 scale, armour in 1/100 and planes in 1/144 or 1/200. They have a Operation Barbarossa game and they are just releasing a Blitzkrieg 1940 game. Lots of useful kits already, and the new range promises a lot of goodies, like the British 2pdr AT-gun.
I’ve just ordered a few more kits, you will see reviews here shortly.

First of all, this is a very nice little set, one 20mm AA-gun with two crew and one baseplate. The kit snaps together very well, the detailing is really nice, and all in in all an excellent kit. The only downside was that the gun had to be situated on the baseplate, as details of the carriage for the gun is integrated into the base.
Paints used (Vallejo unless otherwise noted)
995 German Grey, drybrushed with 992 Neutral Grey
Uniform: 830 German Field Grey
Trousers: 836 London Grey
Helmet: 869 Basalt Grey
Belt and boots: Black
Washed with Citadel black wash
Bottle: P3 Bootstrap Leather
Skin: 955 Flat Flesh washed with Army Painter Quickshade Soft Tone Ink.
Everything coated with matte varnish.
Highly recommended.

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