Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pz IV D in 20mm by Armourfast compared to Plastic Soldier Company

Another Pz IV, this time an early war version, the Ausf D, from Armourfast.
You will get two models in the box, and they are fast build, meaning few individual parts, in this case less than 30 per model. The instructions on how to assemble the kit is on the back of the box, and it is somewhat lacking. I would strongly advise you to have some photos of the real thing handy, as some of the details are rather vague, and check the look of a real commander’s cupola, as the instructions seem to be faulty.
 As always, click on the photos to get a larger image
The detailing is decent, but lacks for example tools. The biggest faults in my opinion is the lack of even rudimentary boogies and the tracks are rather flat without details, see photos. So much could have been improved with very little effort. Disappointing.
There was no hull MG, so I fixed one with brass wire, and gun and exhaust hade to be drilled out.
The result is two decent early war Pz IV D, perfectly all right for wargames. They could have been better, and if you’re primarily a modeller you will probably be disappointing.
I might buy another box sometime in the future, just to get the right France 1940-feel.
 Armourfast Ausf D vs PSC Ausf F1

To give you all an indication of how it compares to another fast build Pz IV, this time Ausf F1, you’ll get a couple of comparison shots of Armourfast vs Plastic Soldier Company.

Look here if you’re interested in my prior article comparing the Pz IV:s from PSC, Airfix and Hasegawa.


  1. Looks like you have driven these rather hard. You have made a good job out of them and look the part


  2. How does the Armourfast kit compare to the PSC kit, detailwise? (I know it's not the same version).

    Better, worse, or similar?

    1. The tracks on the PSC is way better, and it also has rudimentary boogies and some extra detailing like tools, but on the other hand the PSC has awful lamps moulded to the hull, for example.
      I would rate them similar when it comes to everything above the tracks.
      All in all, PSC is the better model.
      But, the Armourfast model is a decent wargames model of an Ausf that is hard to get your grubby hands on.