Monday, 30 December 2013

LRDG at Flemcon

The first weekend of December saw the group at Flemcon, one of the local cons that we have been with from its start. This time we had two games, LRDG and Winter War, both played with Too Fat Lardies’ Chain of Command.
The Miniatures Man of Arabia (it was cold, bloody Winter War)
I spent all my time at the desert table, I was far too lightly dressed for the sub-zero temperatures on our Finnish board. There we had our own Finnish hero, Ville, who had flown in from Finland for the occasion. Way to go!
Both tables got in two games each during the Saturday, and I really have no idea what happened in Finland.
 The setup. Notice the sabotaged fence.
In North Africa both games had three British commanders each, and each commander had three vehicles to game with. The rules were somewhat modified Chain of Command, and it was very much Hollywood feel, with jeeps and trucks zapping around shooting the hell out of the poor Italians. The longer the attack took, the more initiative the Italians got - speed was essential.
Who goes there?
A big plus was that 50% of the attendees were female, who had never played anything like this before and seemed to enjoy themselves.
No wonder the Italians fougt badly, they are not properly painted!
Sneaky LRDG going through the fence. Not fair at all!
 Planting bombs
Going up in flames
 A pilot making a run for it...
...and he escapes with his plane!! Hotly pursued.
 First reinforcement, sort of...
The heroic tricycle-troops score a minor victory
 A more substancial reinforecement, this time a LRDG-trooper tries to plant a bomb on it, a failure by the way...
And another one bites the dust. Planting a bomb on a cistern and having the car stall when you try to get away is not a good thing. LRDG-barbecue.
The Italian soldiers celebrating that one of the cisterns were not blown up! In their mind the most important one.
That was the end of the first battle. LRDG had had lost both men and vehicles, so it was a minor victory.
 The next bunch of players goes all out to cover the airfield with troops in a very short time. 
Some vehicles just drives through the italians to reach the most distant targets, while others takes care of what's closest to the gates. Those two girls were born generals!
 They are everywhere, and the italians don't have time to man the guns or do much of anything.
Reinforcement, that pesky tankette again. It retreated off the table in a hail of bullets.
Everything ablaze, no LRDG-losses and vehicles filled with prisoners. Time for an ice-cold in Alex. A total victory!
All in all a couple of very nice games, each taking around two hours. And another Flemcon done, a very nice small con, well worth a visit. We have already promised to be there next year.


  1. I remember putting two or three gammon bombs on that tankette without damaging it... One tough little bugger.

    1. Though when you only have one single Boys ATR, machineguns and Gammon bombs.

  2. Flawless victory indeed! Very nice game.

    1. It will hopefully se more action. One of the shops in Stockholm has asked us for a demo-game. We'll see what happens.

  3. Very cool game, great detail

    1. Well, it took us a couple of years to paint up...

  4. Really enjoyed the day, looking forward to next year's (well, this year's really... ;-)).

  5. Love to see your mods of CoC for the LRDG. Always a favourite of mine. poiter50 at gmail dot com?

    1. I'm afraid the papers are buried somewhere at the moment. I will try to find and make legible our rather improvised rules sometime in the future.

    2. As Jocke said, the rules were very improvised.

      The players all played LRDG and got three vehicles each, but I can't remember how they rolled command dice or how they activated.

      The Italians were played by us (the arrangers) and were fairly scripted; I think we had a custom chart for our command dice, and we didn't bother with end of turns or too much morale. Jump off points for the Italians were buildings and dugouts, which could be shut down by the LRDG by jumping off their vehicles and throwing a demo charge inside.

      Basically the players got to wizz around the airfield shooting up things. It was much fun.

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    4. You're in luck. My pal Thomas just found and translated what you asked for.
      I'll send it to you.

  6. One note, we did follow the suggestions in the core rules for raiders and fast vehicles, which means they get to move one range band faster than normal and still shoot.