Sunday, 6 April 2014

Work in progress leads to Mad Padre give-away

A work-in-progress picture of my first figure from the Winter War Kickstarter from Baker Company. This is one of the Russian infantry.
I sent this photo to my two pals (I won’t mention any names, but they both have an interest in this Kickstarter...) and the first said “Hey, it’s Mad Padre” and the other one replied “Yes, spot on”. I’m not too sure about that, but it is an excellent Segway to a rather funny give-away at, you guessed it, Mad Padre Wargames. Three pictures and you can give them a caption or dialogue.

Check it out, and follow the site if it interests you. I think it is highly enjoyable.


  1. Thanks Joakim. It does kind of look like me, circa 2007, seen here with a wargaming child of mine.

  2. Oh dear, looks like you got the wrong colour on the hat, Jocke.

  3. I have spread the word on the Lardie list. Your secret is out now, Padre!

  4. That hat looks very decadent, to much gold. Not for the people....
    Ah, well. I have another metal mini just like the one above. I have to paint him with a decadent hat then, as a tribute to Michael.

  5. Very nice indeed! Glad Påsk Joakim.

    1. Thanks! Glad Påsk for you to. Here we're celebrating with a game of Arkham Horror.