Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The postman didn’t ring at all…

..and certainly not twice. But there was a slip in the postbox. Something to pick up at the local grocery shop/post office.
I had my suspicions…
 I got a sack! What the…!
Inside, a heavy box. Very well packaged.
Oooooh, suspicions true
More than 2,3 kg and 1000 pages of history!
This is the prize from the latest competition at Miniature Wargames. I answered the tricky questions and got lucky in the draw.
What a prize! This isn’t something I will read cover to cover, but as a work of reference it is invaluable. I love books, and this is something I can love a looooong time. Lovely.
Short informative texts on most every conflict there ever were. From Haik vs Nimrod 2492 BCE to Syria now.
Good maps
A great thank you to Casemate, which supplied the book, Henry Hyde and Miniature Wargames, a great magazine. Extra good, as this is my second prize this last year.

Welcome follower Captain LOL with blogs Figurine Passion and Comix, Horror and Movies. Two fantastic blogs mainly dealing with large scale miniatures. Absolutely gorgeous large scale miniatures. Well worth a visit!


  1. An excellent prize congratulations

    1. Thank you. It is indeed an excellent prize

  2. Congratulations!

    I'm not jealous, well a little, but I wouldn't have room for that tome at home. I'm just going to give it a flick through each time I'm at your place instead.

  3. Well done indeed, that looks a great book