Friday, 21 November 2014

Shadows of Brimstone – Stranglers

Six Stranglers in the Shadow of Brimstone – City of Ancients box. These are multi-part miniatures - body with two legs and one arm, separate arm, 2 separate tentacles and a tail. There are some mould-lines you have to scrape off, but nothing serious.
The fit is decent but you will get some gaps that needs filling.
 I used green stuff.
Paints used:
Skin – Citadel Vomit Brown washed with several coats of Citadel Washes Baal Red around maw and on tentacles and Army Painter Strong Tone ink on the rest of the body.
Maw – progressively darker Citadel Red Gore/Citadel Scab Red/Vallejo 859 Black Red
Teeth and claws – Vallejo 034 Bone White washed with AP Strong Tone
Varnished with Vallejo Matt Varnish, tentacles and maw-area (essentially everything red) got a coat of Vallejo Gloss Varnish.
I based these on 25mm transparent bases from Sally 4th instead of the original 30mm bases.
I’m very satisfied with the result, they look real icky and weren’t too time-consuming to do.

Next on the paint table will be the Night Terrors. I’m not too sure about those, not my favourites. See what I can do about them.
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  1. Night terror post coming up. Just need time to edit the pictures.