Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Blood Rage – Soldier of Hel

What would a game be without a zombie?
This is the closest thing to one you’ll get from the Blood Rage boardgame. Hel is part of the underworld, some sources says it is where evil men go when they die (instead of Valhalla) and this Soldier of Hel is probably one of these men.
A decent sculpt but nothing special.
As a bonus you’ll get a Dwarf Chieftain also. One of my least favourite minis from the game and I’m not at all satisfied with how he turned out. Ah, well, he is painted and that’s that.


  1. So what's on his chest? Armour?

  2. ...and no, that Dwarf is hideous.

  3. Jocke, if one is a Norse mythological fan (like me), would you recommend buying this game just for the minis? I've heard good and bad about them...

    1. I got the basic game and extra stuff from the Kickstarter, and some of that stuff is simply gorgeous, the sea monster and giants/trolls especially. Some, on the other hand is more... meh.
      I could show you everything at the club if you're interested.

    2. Yeah, why not plan a game of Blood Rage. It was ages since I was by the club, and some Valhalla valkyries is as good excuse to book a gaming night! Let me know on the e-mail what could work out.