Friday, 8 April 2016

Another game of Frostgrave

I had a game of Frostgrave at the club last week with Gunnar. He has already written an AAR that is really enjoyable and well worth a read. It is off course wildly inaccurate and a shameless propaganda piece, but take it for what it is.

I’ll complement that, so called, AAR with a couple of pics and some totally truthful comments. 
The heroic Witch, Doctor Olathe, and her band of fellow scientists, out on a peaceful expedition to further the knowledge of mankind (and dwarf, elf and leprechaun). Same figures as last time but the wolf companion came in the form of a wardog this time (as I forgot the wolf mini at home) and we also had a zombie raised before the game.
The selfish pillagers, led by a Chronomancer and his apprentice. Standing in the way of scientific progress.
Possible scientific discoveries in red circles (I heard the Chronomancer kackle about loot.. the savage). Altruistic scientists circled in blue and egocentric Chronomancer with fellow thugs in green.
A note here. I had no D20 with me and Gunnar 'helpfully' offered one of his. I thought he looked very smug and should have turned him down, off course. Instead I was grateful for the offer, but I should have understood that the evil grin on his face was due to the loaded dice I had picked from his stash.
The scientists cautiously advances. Redheaded and peaceful miss Buain looks for herbal specimens to cut with her scythe.
The evil opposition...
The action is about to start, i.e. the scientific expedition will soon be rudely interupted.
My heroic collector of specimens finds a bunch of interesting bottles of archaic design. This could be a major archaeological find.
A lowly treasure-hunter is poised to grab a possibly major find....
...but my apprentice uses the Telekinesis spell to move the treasure away from those filthy hands. Muahahahaha. Ah, the joy when you foil the plans of the opposition!
The heroic apprentice order the zombie to fetch the crate and it shambles slowly forward.
An enemy of enlightenment moves forward to catch the cask in the ruined temple. He must not succeed.
My dwarf  collector rushes home with a piece of loot... ehrm, I mean important specimen
The Chronomancer casts a Wizard Eye on the wall by the stairs to the temple (yes, that is supposed to be just that Wizard Eye (next time we'll bring some fish's eyes to use instead... :-) )). The Chronomancer can cast spells from that point which is very annoying as it covers much of my forces.
Miss Buain advances up the steps. That specimen is so close...
The sneaky treasure-hunter catches the so called loot and starts to flee with it.

And another looter catches the specimen in the temple...
...only to be felled by a well-aimed arrow from my elven archer in the background.
My leprechaun has finally climbed to the top of the temple and catched the box of artefacts that we spied there.
It's loot-time for the Chronomancer and his gang, as one treasure-hunter runs away with his ill-gotten treasure.

My zombie shuffles forward and have the treasure-hunter and his loot in its sight.
Meanwhile or specimen collector makes a tactical withdrawal.
The sneaky Chronomancer casts Leap on the threasure-hunter who jumps away from all danger. That was a really sneaky spell. Very annoying! Gunnar smirks...
Things are not going my way as Miss Buain is shot down.
Not only that, my poor Whitch is shot at and due to poor dice rolling she is suddenly down to one hit-point. She has already failed in most of her spell-casting and due to the positively abyssal dice-rolling I have managed so far she was already down several hit points, as were the apprentice.
Things are looking grim.
And grimmer still as the wolf becomes another victim to Gunnar's die.
A soldier in the pay of the Chronomancer cautiosly advances towards my herioc elven archer. 
Another arrow flies through the air as my Ranger shoots at that sneaky soldier. He frantically looks for cover.
Now, something positive, at last. The leprechaun starts to haul away his treasure, which looks surprisingly easy for such a wee little guy.
And another loss for the good guys, as my zombie falls.
More shots are fired and my Ranger falls, and with that my heroic scientist-band makes a tactical withdrawal and we call it a day.
So, both sides got three treasures each and I learned a valuable lesson:
Always bring your own dice!
(I can't remember when I last had such terrible dice-rolling.)


  1. It does look like great fun this Frostgrave, but I have some many things on the go at the moment that I dare not start anything new.

    1. So far I've been very pleased with the rules and I do have most of the figures I need already painted. I'm slowly upgrading the figs to more suitable ones that I strangely enough are able find in the tin- and plastics-mountain. The upside of a rather extensive one... :-)

  2. Always fun to read two sides of the same story! Great stuff!

    1. I'm glad you like it and hope you know truth when you see it :-)

  3. Great AAR, albeit full of the usual slander and propaganda.

    One thing is correct though: your dice rolling was among the worst I've ever seen.

  4. Replies
    1. It was a great game and lots of fun... considering...
      But I got off with three treasures, so it wasn't to bad, actually!

  5. I simply love.Great pictures.Great inspiration.

  6. Thank you
    It's a great rules-set