Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Kingscliff from Ziterdes

It’s has become very obvious that lots of blocking terrain is crucial in Frostgrave and something to help with that arrived the other day, a big and rather light box from Ziterdes.
Kingscliff is the first of the two pieces of scenery from that box. I think of it as a monument to an ancient king. Made of hardfoam and both light and durable.
The flat ground on the top could maybe hold an altar.
The only thing I did was to paint it in the same colours as my other Frostgrave scenery and the harbour.

Fast, easy and affordable.


  1. Great piece of scenery!


  2. It sure is a great piece.
    Another good thing is that postage from Germany is rather affordable.

  3. Replies
    1. It sure is! Ziterdes' got some great stuff. More to be seen here soon

  4. That's a great piece of terrain Joakim that will give you lots of usage.

  5. Fast, easy and affordable. If only everything else in life was like that ;)

    Nice piece of kit!