Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The High Desert Museum in Oregon, USA

I’m finally back in Sweden and back to blogging after a tree week vacation in Oregon, USA, visiting old friends and travelling about quite a lot. It was mostly non-historical and non-gaming but between whale-watching, hiking, eating, driving, smelling roses and whatnot, I managed a couple of museums that might be of interest.
The first of these is the High Desert Museum close to Bend and Sun River in Oregon. Here you will find exhibits on the nature and history of the High Desert and of interest to gamers, and especially those gaming Old West, there are exhibitions on exploration and settlement, Plateau Indians and a ranch and sawmill from early 19-hundreds.
Let’s have a look!

We're met in the Entrance by this Stagecoach. Great inspirations for the miniature one from Sarissa that is waiting for some attention.  Remember that you can click on the pics to get larger ones.
A sheepherder's wagon. These were popular during the 1880's.
One of the permanent exchibitions is Spirit of the West:
A Paiute, the original inhabitants of the area, shelter.
An Oregon Trail wagon.
In the mid 1800's mapmakers were sent out to... well... make maps.
We even find a part of Silver City here!
Hall of the Plateau Indians is another permanet exhibition and didn't have enough time to fully appreciate it, unfortunately. 
A traditional summer tipi made made with reeds as covering material
A reservation tipi
The 1904 Miller Family Ranch and Lazinka Sawmill
I would have liked to take more pics, but it was around 350C (not suitable for this Swede...) and everyone was hungry for lunch.
A corral made of willow and juniper
This beautiful Model 1924 T Ford will end this photograpic journey through the High Desert Museum. I hope you enjoyed it.
All in all this is a really nice museum well worth a visit if you're in the vicinity.

In the next post from my trip we will see a very, very large aircraft.

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  1. I feel the urge to get Dead Man's Hand out! Very interesting!

    1. I'm rebasing my figures now. They, the DMH rules and terrain will soon take a trip to the club.

  2. Replies
    1. Great that you like it! The museum sure gave me a lot of Wild West inspiration.

  3. Sounds like you been on an exellent tripp!

    Thanks for sharing all Greate pictures!

    1. I sure was a great trip! Glad you like the pics