Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Conan: Bossonian Archers

I like to play games with painted minis, but there have unfortunately been quite a few games of Conan and Blood Rage lately with unpainted ones. It’s time to do something about that, and the first game to get some painting done is Conan.
No clear bases for the troops, as they are usually divided into different troops in the game, and those troops are identified with coloured discs clipped to the bases, and they don't work super well on my clear bases. So I keep it simple and just give these guys a grey base.
There’s one problem, though, as the Conan game includes a lot of identical minis, those hordes of troops, 15 each of several types and five of others. I really don’t like to paint identical figures; it just takes forever and bores me to death.
Painted compared to art.
I had to speed things up or this project would kill the pleasure of painting.
I usually prime with white and then give the minis a black wash to bring out the details. A great method for my usual painting style. But this time I went back to what I began with, a long time ago: black primer.
So I tried a black base-coat, block painting with unpainted ‘shadows’ between the different colours and a final wash to bring some life to the minis.
I also did a very fast basecoat-and-drybrush job on this Outer Dark Demon
The result was rather nice, much faster than my usual painting and certainly good enough for all those multiple troops.

Next up are 15 pirates. 15… urgh…


  1. The models look very effective.

    1. Effective way to paint and rather effective in-game...

  2. Love your beautiful archers, wonderful job, and nice colors!

  3. Thank you, guys!
    The artwork really helped in getting a good colour-scheme.
    All the pirates are prepped and waiting for paint.

  4. They look great. Keep up the good work and I am sure the Pirates will look awesome.

  5. Thanks! Looking at the pirate-pile. It's big... but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
    where's thet paint-brush?