Tuesday, 6 March 2018

A bunch of pulp figures

Just finished this bunch of pulp minis. Two will come in handy as civilians, always nice as “scatter terrain” in a pulp adventure.
Two Mercant Sailors from Artizan Designs
I have plans for a pulp league for the young woman, and I’m sure the armed sailor will find a job in the seedier parts of a harbour.

Dean Roberts from RAFM and Wild West Wizard of Oz Dorothy from Reaper Miniatures, a Bones mini.


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    1. Thanks, Simon!
      Dorothy is my favourite of this bunch. Oz robot coming soon.

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    1. Thank you, A J
      Finished some more pulp figures today.

  3. Nice Joakim you can never have to many models : )

  4. Some right salty sea dogs there Joakim, alongside some interesting characters, like the all girl league :-)

  5. Hi Joakim, the sailor on the left is a particular favourite of mine but the bones girl looks good, I've not seen it before, she would fit in with my westerns.
    What did you think to the moulding, I bought 2 bones figures and thought the detail was very soft, and 1 of them I dislike quite a lot because of this although the other one is ok.

    1. I'd say the moulding of Bones figures vary a lot, just like your impression.
      Dorothy above is so-so, the gun is rather indistinct and her face could be better.
      In many I find especially the faces to be quite disappointing and they often look less crisp than their metal counterparts. When I have had a figure in metal and in Bones-plastic, then there is often a marked difference.
      I think Bones is excellent for bigger things, like giants and large monsters, as it makes them affordable, but it has it's limitations when it comes to details and smaller figures.
      So, if you want a Reaper-character then metal is probably to be preferred, but for rank and file and hordes, then Bones is excellent (as it is cheap and very easy to work with)
      I have backed two Bones kickstarters and therefore have a lot of Bones-minis, so be prepared to see more :-)

    2. You are confirming what I thought. There are some of the bigger Bones figures I might try and get but I'll steer clear of the smaller ones.
      Thanks for the advice.

    3. I might have sounded a bit harsh :-) But essentially go for metal for characters and Bones for bigger creatures, rank and file, hordes, background figures and such