Tuesday, 3 April 2018

March – Miniatures Tally

Not that many figures painted this month as I concentrated more on terrain, but that terrain will certainly see much use, so it was time well spent.
I had a game of SAGA v2 at the club, and (Damn you Ulf!) was instantly hooked. Then my fingers slipped… and I suddenly had a warband in the post. 44 added minis, I’m afraid, and that means that I have bought more figures this year than I have painted. Those sold make up for it, but it’s a less than ideal situation.
In April I will hopefully paint at least one unit of my SAGA Vikings, and as usual there will be a mix of other minis with a bunch of shacks and wagons for the carnival.
March summed up:
Total: - 8

Total: +44

Sold or given away:
Sold a couple of games at Gothcon, one of which was a box of Mercs: Recon. That’s another 20 miniatures less in the mountain.
I don't think there will be many more 28mm figures sold this year, as I've gone through the hoard now. Next to get an inventory is my 20mm stuff.
Total: - 20

Bought:             59
Painted:         -  43
Sale:              -129
Total:            - 113

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  1. That looks like a pretty good month to me, well done.

    1. It's a decent month for sure. All that terrain will come in handy in pulp games, so I'm happy.

  2. Oh you won't regret the Saga purchase, its a great game and as you said very addictive :-) I love my Vikings :-)

    1. I'm sure I won't reggret that investment :-)
      I just have to many great games to play (which is a good thing)

  3. Some nice minis painted, I'm glad I don't keep score of what I've done each month it would be so dispiriting :-)
    I see you have Seaman Harris in your collection, I didn't know he had gone missing from the drawer I keep him in.
    I still like the girl in the red dress. I think you've done a good paint job on her.

    1. Well, I must confess that this is mostly for me, as a way of actually thinking about how much minis I buy. I'm pretty sure the tin- and plastics-mountain has grown every year since I started with minis again, some 13 years ago or so.
      It's time to hold back the tide :-) This is the year that I hope the m ountain will actually start to shrink.
      Well, in real life there are some kickstarters from earlier years that will deliver this year, so the mountain will grow a lot, but I hope to buy less than I complete/sell.

  4. I am slowly working my way through your back catalog, so maybe this has been covered somewhere before, but what do you use to attach the minis to the clear plastic bases? And are any of the minis metal? If any are metal, do they hold well to those bases?

    1. I use super-glue that works great with plastics and resin. When you use it on metals you have to be sure to get the feet real flat and in one plane. I file them down, which usually works well and take care to check that both feet are flat against the surface.
      You have to expect a figure or two to loose their bases if you drop them, but it's easy to fix, even during a game, if you have a bottle of super-glue ready.
      I have a friend at the club that swears that ordinary white wood glue works just as well, but I haven't tried that.
      Plastic bases are from Sally 4th, by the way.

    2. Thanks for the info!
      I'm just starting to get to your Pulp Alley reports.

    3. You're welcome!
      I hope you like them