Friday, 4 May 2018

Circus stands and wagons

More stuff for the pulp carnival from Plast Craft Games and their Malifaux range.
These two booths are from the Circus Stand Set.
Four wagons from the Circus Wagon Set.
All sets are prepainted made from PVC and go together easily with superglue. They could be used as is but that will leave very prominent white edges, so I camouflaged those with appropriate paints. Worked rather well, I think, especially if you are half a meter off during a game.
The backs of the printed parts are also stark white, and where necessary, inside the booths and at the back of the wagon ornaments, I gave those some paint to make them blend in better.
Comparison between Sarissa's Gypsy Caravan and Circus Wagon
Nice pieces, but a bit large, especially the booths.


  1. You'll have that much stuff on the table Joakim that there'll be no room for the models :) everything look fab apart from that nun ;) now lights camera action in other words get on with the game :)

    1. Just two more booths (on the painting table now) and the carnival is ready for play (but I would like some more clowns, also...)
      The CSSS is closing in...

  2. Splendid, colorful and atmospheric...Just perfect!

  3. They will come in handy, that's for sure!