Sunday, 14 April 2019

3D-printed Barracks from 3D-Print-Terrain

Less than a week left before Gothcon, and we’re working furiously to finish terrain and soldiers for our Storm over Haag Chain of Command game.
I'm working with houses and canals.
Here are two barracks from 3D-Print-Terrain and their World at War part II kickstarter, which you can still get at Jens’ webshop.
Several barracks were under construction at the Ypenburg Airport when Germany invaded in May 1940. These two are erected, and one isn’t quite finished yet, as the paint is still wet.
These Commander Barracks were printed with 130% size, 0.15mm layer height on my Prusa i3 MK3. Printing time around 20 hours for each body and slightly less for the roofs.
I had to fix the chimneys as they ended quite abruptly in a flat surface, but that was easily fixed with some green-stuff and a piece of plastic tube.


  1. Your prints turned out very nice. I posted some of my first prints using my CR-10. Jen's print file are very well details. Thinking about purchasing he Normandy set shortly. Keep up the great blog.

    1. I got some sort of misalignement a centimeter up on each building, possibly due to the supports. I've changed slicer since printing these (Slic3r Prusa Edition) and it works so much better than the other one (Prusa Control).
      I've got the Normandy set, and there are lots of interesting files there (as yet unprinted...)

  2. Replies
    1. Prints are getting better and better the more I learn, which is fun.
      Just printed a rather detailed 28mm miniature with impressive results. A post will come on that.