Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Cardboard-buildings - Brewery

Now, this doesn’t sound at all exciting, but the results are better than expected.
A year ago or so I bought a couple of card-building from Metcalfe, and they turned out to be perfect additions to the small town of Les Attaques in the France 1940 participation game we played at Stockholms Spelkonvent.
I have bought a couple of factory buildings, that will be used in France 1940 and -44, and Germany 1945.
I started with this one, a brewery.
The kit comes as rather thick ready cut card, where you free the individual parts with a few short cuts with a sharp knife.
Then you use your white glue to glue it all card together, and I glue the ‘windows’ with super-glue gel (Loctite Super Attack Flex Gel).
Finished in a couple of evenings, and an outstanding result. Highly recommended!
I’ve got a couple of more sets to be finished soon.

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