Monday, 4 April 2011

French 75mm artillery from Hinchcliffe

This years goal is to finish as much as possible from the tin- and plastics-mountain, and as a part of that I checked the box of 20mm WWII-tin.
I found a couple of bags with guns, wining for paint.

French 75mm Canon de 75 modèle 1897
I found two bags from Skytrex/Hinchcliffe, bought for £5 apiece.
They were made of quite a lot of tin… meaning a lot more than was necessary. Terrible cast.
After some cleaning the result was decent.
French equipment was painted in a variety of possible and impossible ways, and I tried to get a militaristic look different from British and German equipment.
I painted the guns with Vallejo 887 Brown Violet, and dry-brushed with 886 Green Grey. As dust I used Vallejo pigment Dark Yellow Ochre, and soot at muzzle was MIG Black smoke.
I’m pleased with the result, especially considering what I started with.

More guns to come.


  1. Inte illa alls! Du ser, pigment är din vän!

  2. Du hade rätt. Pigment är som en drog... jag måste ha mer/fler!