Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Familiars - batch 1

Familiars are a wizard’s best friend, and in my D&D campaigns physical representations of familiars have been sorely missing.
Not for much longer. I bought a couple of packs of Reaper familiars to rectify this, and found this and that in the tin- and plastics-mountain.
The first two were very simple paint-jobs. Rabbit and cat from Reaper were painted black, with a very light grey drybrush. Done in a moment. Not much, but they are better than nothing, and anyway a do believe the rabbit will see very limited use anyway.
The small dragon was base coated with Vallejo 968 Flat Green, a black wash, drybrushed 833 German Camouflage Bright Green and a light drybrush of 885 Pastel Green. Eyes red with yellow pupils.
The dog came from Hasslefree, and their range of teenage monster-hunters or whatever. I think he is originally from Armorcast and was retailed for some time through Hasslefree. He is painted black, with a chocolate brown (I think) drybrush followed by a very light drybrush of Vallejo 955 Flat Flesh.
Here we see him together with the gang from Hasslefree I painted last year. I think you can make out what gang…

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