Sunday, 9 October 2011

Infinity – Haqqislam Starter Pack

Two Ghulam Infantry 
I’ve been salivating over the Infinity figures for quite some time, but another period/rules set… I read the basic rules (free download!) and they seemed decent. Anyway, I plunged into Infinity this summer, bought the basic rules, and was wowed. Really nice fluff, beautiful rulesbook, and decent rules. As it happened, I also bought two starter sets, Haqqislam and Aleph. Haqqislam was a must, I really like the feel of that faction. Aleph – well, I’m not really sure about them, we’ll see.
Anyway, all figures are outstanding when it comes to detailing, and if you want to spend ages on all the tiny details, then you can certainly do that. My intention was to get the figures on the table in a manageable time, but still have nice figures.
Let’s see how it turned out.
Haqqislam – I wanted a desert themed look for these figures, a lot of sand, beige etc. The starter set comes with six figures. Three Ghulam infantry – the basic grunts, a Hunzakut sniper, a Naffatun with rifle and light flamethrower, and an elite Janissaire.
The Ghulam Infantry and Hunzakut sniper
Ghulam and Hunzakut sniper
Clothing – Vallejo 819 Iraqui Sand. Armour 913 Yellow Ochre or 835 Pastel Green. Shoes and belt 912 Tan Yellow on one figure, but it was a bit too light, so I changed it to Shoes and holster 843 Cork Brown, belt 856 Ochre Brown. Backpack 977 Desert Yellow. Rifle 954 Gun Metal and shoulder stock 941 Burn Umber.
The figures were then given a wash of Devlan Mud, and the weapons had a black wash.
Janissaire and Naffatun
The Janissaire was the easiest. Armour 835 Pastel Green with clothing Iraqui Sand. Washes as above.
The Naffatun was a combination of the Ghulam and Janissaire colours.
Then off course details; hair, eyes, bandanas, grades etc. I used about 20 different paints for the Ghulams…
All in all I'm very satisfied with the quality of the figures, they really take the washes extremely well. 
There will be more Haqqislam.


  1. Now those look seriously cool! I need to start another period like I need another hole in my head, but that has never stopped me before...

  2. Mmm... yeah, only a few. That's what they said about, um... something I only needed a few of but ended buying lots of.


    Not. Tempted. At. All. Must. Resist.

  3. Resistance is futile. Submit!
    And I do need someone to play with.

  4. These guys and gals will look perfect fighting my Dust troops. That means I do not need to start another period to play this game, excellent!