Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Journal issue 74

I just received The Journal, the magazine of The Society of 20th Century Wargamers (S.O.T.C.W). As usual a really good read. I have more or less just flipped through the magazine, but there is a lot of interesting stuff.
Of course, it is all post 1900, as the name suggests. Very WWII-intensive this issue. Lots of scenarios, but even if you’re not interested in that, there are still lots of interesting historical information in most scenarios.

- Kampfgruppe Deák – history and three scenarios on the Hungarian SS Kampfgruppe formed in July 1944 and comprising some 1000 men.
- Clearing Ashar – scenario set in Iraq in May 1941. Commonwealth vs Iraqi troops.
- West of Polanow – A scenario set in Poland 1939, Polish cavalry vs Germans.
- Poland 1939 – Organization of Polish 10th Motorized Brigade and German 2nd Pz Div, for use with Spearhead rules, but could be used for other rules sets.
- Mereküla – Soviet naval landing in the Baltics in February 1944. Article with suggestion for a scenario.
- Amazons at war – article on female warriors during the Russian Civil War.
- Recon Escort – airwar scenario set in Angola 1982, Angola vs South Africa
- Aegean breakpoint – Fictive modern naval scenario, Greece vs Turkey in 2000.
- HMAS Onslow & HMAS Vampire – a walk-through
- Italian Vedette Boat – a conversion in 1/600 scale.
- Starship Martin to the Rescue – Fictive WWIII 1978-scenario in 6mm
- Battle for Ap Bac – Vietnam 1963 for Force on Force rules.
- The Ben Cam Sweep – another Vietnam scenario, this time set in 1969.
On top of this the usual reviews, a battle report and other.

Membership will set you back £18 in UK, £20 in Europe and £25 in the rest of the world. That will give you a subscription of 6 issues, and for this subscription period you will get issues 71 to 76, i.e. pay now and get issues 71 to 74 now and issues 75 and 76 when they are published.
This is very good value for money, each issue is £3-4 and shock-full of interesting articles. S.O.T.C.W is something I think need all the support it can get, as they produce such an excellent publication. Do support them by becoming a member, and you could support them even more by writing articles for them.
As an extra incentive to be a member: you will get membership discounts of between 5 and 10% from a number of traders.
I joined this period, and I’m very pleased with what I got so far. So pleased actually, that I bought a couple of back-subscriptions to get my hands on all the interesting articles.
S.O.T.C.W needs you, so join now!

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