Sunday, 12 February 2012

Long Range Desert Group Jeep in 20mm

This metal LRDG jeep comes from the Skytrex range of 20mm, or 1/76 scale, vehicles, number 20/146" LRDG jeep with twin Vickers and crew". What I got seems to be the Jeep from that set, and the crew from 20/147, that is the SAS jeep, and also included was a .50 cal machine gun. Not bad at all actually, as I prefer that crew.
So this is the jeep minus crew. As the steering wheel is cast with the driver it is obviously missing from this picture. I painted the jeep with Vallejo 916 Sand Yellow, a wash of Devlan Mud and another coat of Sand Yellow as a wet drybrush.
A really nice little jeep, but…. Well, we’ll see about little, when I compare this to the jeep from the Revell/Matchbox jeep from their LRDG-set. Coming soon to a blog near you...


  1. I thought you said 916... hm...

  2. so I said, and I wrongly wrote 915 in the post, but that is changed now.

  3. Right, onward to glory, I have the Matchbox set, glue and a new bottle of 916. No more excuses!

  4. Almost glued my fingers to the Jeep last night. We might get a Wrecked Jeep marker for the game, whether we need one or not...