Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Trolls from Otherworld

I have bought a lot of stuff from Otherworld, the maker of those classic 28mm AD&D-monsters miniatures. Great company to do business with and gorgeous miniatures.
Anyway this is their DM4b – Troll II model, actually I got two of these, and they got different heads. I had to use some green stuff to hide the small gaps between body and arms.
Painted with Vallejo 870 Green Brown and the warts were painted with Vallejo 882 Middle Stone. Eyes black, mouth Citadel Red Gore and teeth Bone White.
The hair got a black wash, and everything was coated with Army Painter Strong Coat.
As a comparison another troll, this time DM4a – Troll I, that I painted 2008. I haven’t got an idea on paints used unfortunately. I actually think this one is the better of the three.

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