Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Long Range Desert Group 30cwt Ford in 20mm

Another metal-vehicle from Skytrex range of 20mm, or 1/76 scale, vehicles, 20/149 “L.R.D.G. 30cwt Truck + 20mm cannon & crew".
This truck comes armed with a Breda 20mm auto-cannon. It will be the heavy arm of the LRDG-group.
As with the jeep this comes with a driver with integral steering wheel, so we’ll have to wait for the crew until it can be steered. I painted the Ford in the same way as the jeep, that is, with Vallejo 916 Sand Yellow, a wash of Devlan Mud and another coat of Sand Yellow leaving darkness in all crevices.
The stowage was in one piece, and I painted it with a variety of colours, and gave it a coating of Army Painter Strong Tone varnish, followed with a matte varnish. I added a piece of chain, to hide the rather bad fit of the stowage, and also a box on the floor.
A nice little kit, easy to assemble and with reasonable details. It also had three crew-members that are on the painting table now.

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  1. Nice! I have almost finished my 90/53 for the Guild Group build, then I will get serious about my LRDG vehicles.