Saturday, 13 October 2012

3xPak 36 in 1/72 – no 2 ICM

After building the Italeri Pak 36 I stumbled on this model from ICM. A very detailed kit, and as such it is certainly not a model for wargamers primarily.
So, you’ve got 34 pieces to fit together. It is a small gun, and with that many pieces it is inevitable that some of them are tiny. If you know what you are getting yourself into that is not a problem in itself, but it demands very clear instructions on how to put the pieces together, and that was sadly missing. The drawing is small and not at all clear on where to put the different tiny pieces. I had to go back to my own photos of a Pak 36 to see where everything should be glued, and got it mostly right I think.
The result is a gun that is the most life-like of the ones I have made. It is fragile though, so I guess it won’t hit the gaming table at one of our convention games. I might base it to give it some protection, but I haven’t decided yet.
A great looking model, but maybe not the best for wargaming. It contains no crew-members.


  1. No crew is a shame. Looks the part though. basing it up would help but it needs to fit with the rest you do.


    1. I have some guns based with crew, but in our games, IABSM, separate crew is usually the best.