Sunday, 18 August 2013

Oil-cistern and… Cinzano…

The LRDG-project is sloooooowly going forward. 
After a month without miniatures I made a quick terrain project.
Every nice airport being raided by LRDG needs something to go up in flames. We thought about a fuel-dump with lots of oil-barrels, but that takes a long time to make, so I made a cistern from an empty can. When I was at it, I made two.
I guess desert airfields usually didn’t have these cisterns, but it will look nice on the table.
Cans hot-glued to used palette-CDs
DAS modelling clay – excellent for your terrain projects
Clay on CD to get the cisterns embedded
I spray painted the cisterns with Army Painter Color Primer Desert Yellow, drybrushed with Vallejo 865 Oily Steel and made stains with Citadel Devlan Mud and Vallejo Gamecolor 68 Smokey Ink.
Ground painted with a mix of cheap paint and fine sand, and the grass tufts are Army Painter Battlefields Wasteland Tuft 6mm.
I found documents and photos on the net about the Italian oil-company AGIP, and the signs were made from these.
Being an Italian airfield I thought they needed something really worth protecting. A cistern of Cinzano, of course. A bit whimsical, but who says we have to be dead serious all the time.
Wonder if it is good or bad to blow that up? Morale will certainly take a hit, but on the other hand the troops will probably be more combat worthy.
The Cinzano-sign from “Italian signs from Chris Woffenden” which you can download here. Lots of great, free, WWII-signs there, well worth a visit.
The map, “Imperio Etiopico”, is a road-map made by AGIP which a found a photo of. Great for character, but I wonder why nobody has removed it from the cistern. Nostalgia, I guess.
A fast and simple project, with nice results. Just as they should be.

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  1. Nice terrain pieces, good way to get some painting done.