Saturday, 31 August 2013

Terraclips Dungeon Essentials 28mm terrain

I’ve played around a bit with Terraclips terrain, and why not give the different boxes a short review each. Terraclips are made by World Works Games in cooperation with Wyrd Miniatures.
Terraclips is cardboard terrain, and all components are made of very solid, durable, cardboard. All pieces are printed on both sides.
The larger pieces are stuck together with clips, sold separately, and the smaller pieces are supposed to be pushed together. The latter works so-so, and I have started to super-glue the small pieces together. This of course means that the pieces takes more space, compared to if everything is stored flat, but I think the fact that I actually will find what I need when I need it more than compensates for this.
So what will you get in this set?
Walls, with and without doors: 18 x 3” walls, 18 x 6”
Walls for angular floor sections: 8 x short (approx. 4”), 8 x long (approx. 8”)
Double sided floors: Eight 3”x3”, four 3”x6” and eight 6”x6”
13 angular floor sections and 5 angular corridor sections
Removable wall toppings: 3 long and 5 short
Doors for all the door openings
7 chairs, 2 tables, 2 bookcases and a lectern
2 stairs
2 spike traps
One dungeon entry portal
14 columns
51 tokens
With the stuff from this box you could build quite a lot, on multiple levels. I even had pieces over after building this.
Here a party surrounded by undead.
Or this, from our last D&D session, with a sarcophagus from the Vaults of Ruin set.
In D&D you usually see 2” corridors, and that can easily be solved by resting the walls on the clamps, and placing them free-standing on your board. This could be used for rooms also, and gives a much more flexible solution. Good for your average D&D session, when you might need to build new corridors and rooms on the fly, as the party advances.

As you can see this is a very useful set if you happen to do dungeon adventures. Highly recommended!

Other sets, that might be reviewed sometime...:
Vaults of Ruin
Prison of the Forsaken
Building of Malifaux
Streets of Malifaux
Sewers of Malifaux

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