Saturday, 21 June 2014

Minotaur, squig and a monkey

A small batch of fantasy figures this time.
First a Minotaur from Games Workshop. I like this one very much, and can’t really understand what took me so long to finish it. Probably the need to green-stuff all the joints. One of those minis that has spent an awful long time in the tin montain.
Paints used:
Skin – Citadel Foundation Tallarn Flesh
Nose – drybrushed Vallejo 955 Flat Flesh
Hair – P3 Gun Corps Brown
Fangs, nails and horns – Vallejo 034 Bone White
Loincloth – Vallejo 879 Green Brown
Furs – Coat d’arms 224 Horse Tone Bay and insides Vallejo 912 Tan Yellow
Wood – Vallejo 843 Cork Brown drybrushed with 912 Tan Yellow after the wash.
Leather armbands – 984 Vallejo Flat Brown
Metal dishes – Vallejo 053 Chainmail Silver
Weapons – Vallejo 863 Gunmetal Grey
Everything washed with Citadel Devlan Mud
Next up is another Games Workshop figure, a squig. Rather amusing, if you don’t have to fight one, that is.
Paints used:
Skin – Vallejo 879 Green Brown
Scales – Vallejo 924 Russian Uniform WWII
Horns and claws - Vallejo 034 Bone White
Mouth – Citadel Scab Red, Vallejo 944 Old Rose and 835 Salmon Rose
Eyes – Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red
Washed with Army Painter Strong Tone wash.
Finally a small monkey from Reaper’s Familiar Pack IV. Had a mis-cast tail, so I had to fix that with green-stuff.
Paints used:
Skin – Vallejo 929 Light Brown and 989 Sky Grey washed with Army Painter Strong Tone. Vallejo 883 Silvergrey washed with Soft Tone.


  1. Eclectic is the word I'm struck by after seeing this group. I'm always impressed by what you do with a fairly limited palette, and the Minotaur is a case in point. I like the wood grain on the hafts of his weapons. Nicely done.
    What will you use the monkey for?


    1. Thank you for the kind words, Michael.
      Wood - I've at last found colours that works. I'm very happy with the results. Took me a couple of years.
      The monkey... I have no idea. I have all familiars/small animals on the painting desk now, and try to go through them one at a time. Next is a bunch of birds.
      They are fun, as I try to make them look like real animals. With varying results...