Thursday, 31 July 2014

LotR orcs from Games Workshop

Thomas had bought a bag of assorted assembled but unpainted LotR figures to get hold of the Gondorians, if I remember correctly. He off-loaded the rest of the figures, orcs and goblins, on me (thank you!). They've been in the plastics mountain for far too long now.
All were already assembled (with far too much glue) but still had mould lines and needed some cleaning up. This batch, the orcs, were already spray-painted white, and unfortunately the paint was rather grainy. I coated them with another layer of primer after cleaning up. As usual I washed them with a black wash to get see the details clearly.
I opted for a quick job on these as they probably will be seen in a horde of similar figures, to be quickly slaughtered by the heroes J. Block painting with a limited number of paints, and then washed.
Paints used:
Skin – Citadel Foundation Tallarn Flesh
Leather – Formula P3 Bootstrap Leather, Humbrol 62 Leather and Vallejo 984 Flat Brown
Metal – Vallejo 054 Gunmetal
Wood – Vallejo 843 Cork Brown
Cloth – Citadel Foundation Dheneb Stone, Vallejo 879 Green Brown, 923 Japan Uniform WWII.
Hair - Vallejo 987 Medium Grey, 912 Tan Yellow
Shield – Citadel Scab Red
Washed with Army Painter Strong Tone.

The grasses on the bases are Army Painter 6mm Waistland Tuft.


  1. Nice work! I got half of the batch. Mine are still in the plastic mountain unfortunately.

    1. Ha, beat you!
      Goblins primed and on the painting table. Together with some dwarves and one of those old models that's been half-finished for far too long.

    2. Wonderful to see some of my mountain actually get painted! I am slowly but surely making my way through the mountain of fantasy figures and yes, I will need lots of arrow fodder...

    3. So that's the way you manage your mountain... give it away and give the illusion of you getting it painted...

    4. Why not? That's what you do, Mr "You can have these tanks if you paint them".

    5. Well, when you have them they are not in my mountain any more. So, the mountain gets smaller... not distributed... :-)

  2. Replies
    1. hmm, I seem to have received quite a large chunk of your mountain lately...
      If we have our mountains in transit between the group, we could live in the illusion of actually having no mountains... would only fool ourselves of course...
      I just sent my mountain to you (but I kept a handful of minis)

    2. ...and bear in mind it is essentially free figures too!

    3. This sounds like the tax evasion schemes multinational corporations use. Keep shuffling the money between different companies and never admit to being the rightful owner. Should work for us too.

    4. We will fool ourselves, no doubt.

  3. I thought I was deluded LOL.

    Like what you have done with these. I also still have Goblins to do


    1. started with them just now. Will see results in a week or so