Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Mantic PVC – a test

Mantic said that they will use PVC in their Dungeon Saga Kickstarter, the same PVC they used in their Loka game. I got a yellow pawn in a Mantic surprise-box of different figures I bought not too long ago (earlier this year or late last year, if I remember correctly). It went straight into the out-box as I really wasn’t interested in it.
But, as I would like to know more about their PVC, it was time to root it out. Said and done. It was easy to find, as it was made with a very yellow PVC.
Cleaning – no problems here, as long as you use a very sharp scalpel. This mini had no small fiddly parts, I guess those will be more difficult to clean. Spear shafts and bows might be problematic.
Painting – I washed it with detergent and hot water and then base-coated the figure with two coats of Vallejo 919 Foundation White. No problems here – the paint sticks well.
So, I’m satisfied that the PVC is at least okay to work with. I prefer hard plastic, but you can’t get everything.
I don’t know if I’m going to pledge on this kickstarter, but I’m at least confident that the PVC doesn’t suck.
I finished the mini as a statue. Fast J


  1. That is a relief to know. One reason not to pledge removed.

    1. Unfortunately, maybe.
      I wonder how many in our little group is going to fall for this...

    2. You are not, are you?

      Maybe I should pledge just to screw up your guess. But then it might be a double-bluff, you are not going to pledge at all, you are just psyching me to win the bet.

      I'm calling your bluff.... I won't pledge.

    3. Hmm, a not intended consequence...
      All bets are off, let the pledges fall where they might

  2. Replies
    1. Better as a statue than in the sales-box.
      It actually turned out OK

  3. Thanks for the info. I also am eyeing the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter. Although I still have a bunch of unpainted stuff from the Dwarf King's Hold. The festival in Visby looked like a lot of fun as well.

    1. Bah. This one won't show up until this time next year. Much time to paint other stuff until then

    2. Exactly. Only things that actually show up this year count towards the ratio for 2014.