Saturday, 16 August 2014

Dwarf Scorcher from Chainmail/WotC

Another 28mm figure from the Chainmail skirmish game, long since gone. This one is a dwarf scorcher, a guy armed with a fire-bomb, sculpted by Roy Eastland.
Great little figure, full of character and unusual, to say the least. I really like the Chainmail figs, sad they are gone.
Paints used (Vallejo unless stated otherwise):
Skin – Citadel Dwarf Flesh, drybrushed with 004 Elf Skintone (what an insult to a proud dwarf!) and another drybrush with 955 Flat Flesh after the wash.
Lower Lip – Citadel Dark Flesh
Beard – Coat d’arms 235 Horse Tone – Brown
Leather coat – 843 Cork Brown
Leather – Formula P3 Bootstrap Leather and Gun Corps Brown, Humbrol 62 Leather.
Armband and clasp – 59 Hammered Copper
Bomb – 912 Tan Yellow

Everything got a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone.


  1. Great looking figure - nice work on the flesh.

  2. Really nice detail work but I might have tried to make the clothes slightly more colorful so that the model does not appear so one tone.

  3. Well, he's a dwarf. Not well known for their dress sense, so I prefer mine in sombre colours.