Saturday, 30 August 2014

A visit to Harry Potter the Exhibition

My daughter is a Harry Potter fan, and when we saw that there would be a Harry Potter exhibition this summer I promised that we would go.
One of the last days of the summer holiday we took the 1 hour 45 minutes trip to Norrköping and the world of Harry Potter. What follows is a couple of photos (yes, you were allowed to take photos without flash) to get the feeling of what it was like.
Yep, she's a Ravenclaw. Daddy approves :-)
You see that smile on her face? It was there all the time.
All in all a good exhibition. Johanna was very satisfied with the experience and me too. I’ve seen the films and it was fun to see some of the props up close.
The downer was the prices in the shop. They were just stupid.
The exhibition is open until September 7th, so hurry up if you want to see it. Next stop will be somewhere else in Europe.

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  1. So how much did you spend in the gift shop?

    1. Not that much, which was a pity, because they had a lot of fun stuff there.