Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Undead from Castle Ravenloft Boardgame

I was looking through the tin- and plastics-mountain the other day and found a bag of plastic miniatures – the remaining minis from the Castle Ravenloft boardgame that I still haven’t painted. I intend to finish all board-game minis before the next one hits me, and that means Ravenloft and Brimstone are moving to the painting table.
First the undead cannon fodder.
All were blockpainted with whatever I had handy and washed with Army Painter Strong Tone Ink.
Zombies – skin painted with Vallejo 884 Stone Grey
Ghouls – skin 971 Green Grey

Skeletons - bone white obviously. Shields where also drybrushed with 863 Gunmetal Grey to get a worn look.
The zombies actually saw action this weekend as substitute Hungry Dead in a game of Shadows of Brimstone. We, an Indian Scout and an Outlaw, managed the 'For a Handful of Darkstone' scenario and came away with a lot of loot. Great fun!


  1. Ah, cool, first time you won a game of Brimstone, right?

  2. Yep and we had another great game yesterday. We saved the abducted doctor with a margin that was ridicoulus (my inidian scout had 1 sanity left och the desperado could have fallen in the last attack). Even more fun!

  3. Still have to play my first game. But nice to see some ppl actively playing. Seems its not so bad as you could think while reading through the kickstarter comments :)

    1. Well we really enjoy the game. The rulebook is a bit of a mess (how about an index...!) so it can take a while to find a rule and we still missed some things. The gameplay though is really fun and it will be better the more monsters you have. Looking forward to the expansions...