Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pulp Alley – CSSS in New England

We met a couple of weeks ago at the club for a game of Pulp Alley. The idea was for another game to make ourselves used to the rules before we started the Perilous Island campaign.
After a short discussion we decided to set the adventure in New England for a change,and the small village of New Kolsva (just found the name of the place on one of my arcane maps of New England before Chuthulu took over).
Our well known leagues and a couple of new ones are there for the XXIX International Conference on Paranormal Studies.
We decided on the Trail of Clues scenario and when we rolled up the different plot points we got a rather good history out of it.
A mad scientist has escaped from prison. He (the major plot point) knows how to build a dooms-day device using machinery and chemicals spread around the village (the four minor plot points).
The antagonists are:
The CSSS – Corpo di Spedizione Santa Sede - the real heroes (off course). We got a lot of extra hands this time due to good dice rolling. A level 2 Scout (the cute and sneaky Mary O’Brien), a level 2 Brawler (Mike O’Reilly dessed in a suitably sinister trenchcoat), a level 1 shooter (Mark O’Neill armed with a pistol in hand) and finally a level 1 Brawler (Peter O’Hara with his gun in a holster, fists of steel and jaw of glass)
The Belgian League led by Dr. Castroulle, the King of Pommes Frites, also starring Ms. Mayhem with her deadly sledgehammer and Bruno Van Damme (rumored to be the grandfather of Jean-Claude)
The International Egyptological Society (aka the Cult of Ra) starring the rather smelly Ah Neton, Nefertiti Jones, Dr. Al Hasred and a horde of cultists… I mean students in funny school uniforms…
Fosterlandsstiftelsen för Evangeliets Främjande (approximately the Fatherland Foundation for Advancement of the Gospels) – a very Protestant institution out to spread the true interpretation. Heretics!
So here we go – three cults, the King of Pommes Frites and a mad scientist in a calm little village. What could possibly go wrong?
Dr Castroulle quickly identifies one piece of machinery on the first round, but he is unable to start opening the box until next round. Some of my league closes in. 
The cult of Ra finds another box of machinery. Now they have to defend it until someone figures out how to move it without destroying it.
The deadly Padre Sicario downs one of the Belgians with a well aimed burst with his machine gun. Miss Mayhem starts to swing her sledgehammer in a menacing way.
My team closes in and Soura Innocenza moves forward to contest the plot point. Miss Mayhem falls to a well aimed shot.
The Cult of Ra secures the area around one plot point.
A new round and the cultists takes control of one plot point
Miss Mayhem took control of herself and stand up again and the Belgian doctor takes control of one plot point.
The cultists finds out where the next plot point, the chemicals, is and quicky moves to it.
And there is the half finished blueprint of the doomsday machine. Must have fallen from that truck.
Everyone closes in and we loose O'Reilly.
Combat erupts between the two Heretic cults while the man with the plot point fades away, out of harms way.
Peter O'Hara goes up against Miss Mayhem. That was seriously stupid as she knocks him out of the game immediately.
Those rotten Protestant heathens sneak up behind our shining heroes and start to take pot-shots.
More heroes fall while the others are moving up.
Another plot-point to the Cult of Ra and a couple of them moves away towards the...
...mad scientist who is revealed as Miss Mayhem takes the second plot point plot point in this chain
Two Belgians tries to persuade the scientist to join their cause. He doesn't understand a word they are saying.
Bullets and curses start to fly
Miss O'Brien takes cover while the Protestant scum advances
Another round and Soura fells Miss Mayhem. More Italians and good Catholics converge on the mad scientist. Soura Innocenza grabs the blueprints.
Monsignore Cadaverica rushes in and the mad scientist looks at him and cries "I repent! Save me Padre!" The major plot point is ours!
At the same time the cultist arrive and fells Soura and we loose that plot point.
Belgian reinforcements arrive, carrying one of the plot points. One of them fallsin the forest that is classed as perilous terrain. It's starting to look like a slaughter-house here...
Last round. Some of the felled characters are removed, others stand up.
Monsignore retreats with the mad scientist. We must not loose him!
The Belgian falls and Miss O'Brien rushes in and tries to snatch the plot point from under the noses of the cultists. Unfortunately she fails.
The Cult of Ra mummy shambles forward and tries to unlock the other plot point but he fails also!
That means that two of the minor plot points are uncontrolled.
The game ends with the mad scientist in our custody. Within a day he will sit in the cruise ship 'Sforza' on his way to Rome. 
The Cult of Ra got away with one plot point...
..and another. 
Another great game that went very well for the CSSS. Three Reputation points for holding the mad scientist and also one extra Contact to use in a future game.
At the conference we heard rumours of a forgotten island and Lady Elaine Darrow seem to be the key to that island. She is presently in Mexico excavating Toltec ruins.
On to the next adventure!


  1. Superb as always. Lovely terrain and figures!

    1. Thanks!
      It's great to be in a club with so many talented hobbyists.

  2. Great stuff! Roll on "Perilous Island".

    1. I've just started to write the AAR for the first scenario and the second one will be played this Monday

  3. Great report! The Photoshop are good as well!

    1. Thanks!
      Photoshop? I can hardly spell to it even less use it...

  4. Hmm, My apologies! The auto correction function on my I-pad changed photos into Photoshop. What meant was that I liked the photos.

    1. hahaha!
      how many wars have started or will start due to autocorrect? :-D

    2. Well quite a few I suspect. Not the first time this function has caused troubble. Some of the suggested corrections are rather weird

  5. Lovely stuff, & a nice lead up to starting Perilous island, I can't wait to read all about it.

  6. Exciting stuff coming up ahead. Game no 1 in the campaign done (I 'just' have to write it) and game no 2 will happen on Monday)

  7. Great AAR! The game looks like it was a lot of fun.

    1. It was a great game and the beautiful terrain just makes it even more fun. The upside of being a member of a club with so many talented gamers.

  8. I really enjoy these reports! Great terrain and miniatures and also a very strong narrative make them a joy to read. /Mattias

    1. Thanks
      Another one coming up soon (tomorrow probably)

  9. Sorry to post so late but this was excellent. The scenery and particularly the buildings are lovely. I very much like your very even handed reporting of the events and especially of your opposing leagues, they seem a bad lot to me but you see them in the best light. ;)
    As far as game reports you seem to have really hit your stride with pulp alley and they are a joy so far.
    Very much looking forward to the campaign.

    1. Hi there, John!
      Glad that you're still enjoying my blog.
      We have a lot of very talented and nice folks at the club so it's always fun to game with them. We're talking about starting our Pulp Alley campaign again, so there's a good chance of more AARs.