Monday, 1 June 2015

Sea Dog 2 sailing ship from Games of War

The first bigger ship for my Indonesian pulp harbour. This is the Sea Dog 2 from Games of War and it will supplement the colonial steam river launch and sampans from Sarissa and small boats from Games of War. I still hope to receive a couple of bigger ships in time for the game.
It's a resin kit with wooden mast and bow-spit. It is painted just like the river launch. The stern is white and Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red. I might make a free-hand painting of something suitable, mermaid or whatever, sometime in the future. But at the moment that and a name for the ship have to wait. Too much stuff that needs to be done.
I had to scratch-build the tiller. Made from a chop-stick.
Great value at £18.
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